If you own a small company, you know how important it is to make sure everything about it stays safe. Especially sensitive data of any kind, like employers’ contracts, their home addresses, bank accounts, but also crucial work files, and so on. Once all of that content is stolen by a hacker, they will want you to pay a certain amount of money to retrieve it. In case you don’t, everything will be lost for good.

Cyber crime is still an issue and cyber security is very important, even if you’re not a medium or large business. You might think the latter are more exposed to online threats. The truth of the matter is: small companies are never 100% safe. This is why what we wrote above should tell you that Internet security is not to be neglected when you own a small company. Once you keep important things well-protected from malicious attacks, you don’t run the risk of having your business shut down in, let’s say, six months.

In case you want to improve your business’s security and minimize your chances of experiencing a cyber crime, we give you the best methods to increase the Internet security in a small company below.

Look For An Internet Security Software

Internet Security-type solutions have become the next best thing in the fight against cyber attacks. Antivirus solutions might protect your device from different malware types, but Internet security makes sure targeted attacks from a hacker stay as far away from your computer as possible.

These products deliver full protection against phishing, spyware, spam, and so much more. You get to pay quite a lot for one of these solutions, but the price fully justifies the purchase. You can find a solid list of the best options here. Find the one suited for you and let the installation process begin.

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Educate Your Employees

Without realizing what they’ve done, your employees might have just put you at serious risk of a cyber attack. How? They clicked the link in an email they thought was for work or opened a document attached to it. To prevent a hacker attack, your role as an employer is to keep your employees informed on how a cyber crime can happen.

You should, for instance, organize meetings where you invite an expert on Internet security to tell the people who work for you how they can stay safe while using your company’s network. Your employees will then find it easy to recognize signs of an online breach, they will know not to open suspicious emails, and so much more.

Get Cyber Security Insurance

It might not sound like much, but cyber security insurance does help. This solution is basically a second kind of policy, apart from your general liability policy. What does it do? It retrieves legal fees or losses having to do with breach of sensitive data. As a business owner, you need to find a combination that includes both first- and third-party coverage.

The former includes business interruption, customer notification, public relations campaigns, and legal expertise. The third-party coverage can cover defense costs in case the people affected by a cyber attack want to sue you.

Use Tracking Software

Make sure the laptops, tablets, and smartphones of your employee use tracking software. This tool lets you know where a device is if it’s been stolen recently. In case there are two or more employees whose devices don’t feature tracking software, tell your IT department to solve the problem.

Keep Software Up To Date

Remember those annoying moments when your PC’s operating system kept prompting you to let it update itself? Well, the OS was right: if it isn’t kept up to date, hackers will have a field day stealing every sensitive data they can get their “hands” on. Apart from cyber attacks, the device will also be prone to lots of security holes and it will crash so many times.

Small companies should know that cyber crimes don’t target only medium and big companies. Hackers won’t ever shy away from attacking a not-so-popular player in the business industry. On the contrary: they’ll think you don’t pay attention to safety regulations that much. Prove them wrong by using our best methods to increase the Internet security in a small company!

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