Around the world the modern office layout is changing, from private offices into more meeting room spaces where teams can pop in and meet throughout the day. With a growing trend of employees on the move, around the globe, it’s vital that your meeting room capability grows alongside with it.

The modern office has transformed into focusing more on collaboration, getting everybody involved on all devices. With the change of more open layouts, it’s important to keep meeting rooms as spaces where employees can come together, get some privacy and collaborate on their projects.

Kinly explores how you can go about attaining better experiences for employees in meeting rooms.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools exist to make it easier for you and your employees as they conduct the meeting. They’re essential these days for having an efficient meeting, with many employees on all kinds of devices, some not even in the same room. You need a collaboration tool that adapts to these situations as adapting a rigid collaboration tool won’t be able to change to the next meeting may not have any of the same parameters.

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Surface Hub and Cisco WebEx Tools are designed with the user in mind. They’re developed from the ground up to make collaborating and sharing ideas as easy as a button click.

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A survey conducted by facility and property management firm Mitie showed that ‘60% of employees don’t feel that their workplace layouts enhance their productivity’. It shows that it’s vital to develop your workplace environment in a way that helps collaboration grow and doesn’t stifle it. By siloing your employees or making the area too open you can harm your business efficiency.

It’s vital then to offer a seamless design that’s also tech-enabled so that the workplace doesn’t have to slow down to adapt to the environment.


Management of meeting rooms can be drastically improved by utilising Surface Hub and WebEx Teams, as everyone is able to effectively contribute to the schedule, without one person having control over it.

Ensuring that people can just quickly check the schedule, book a meeting and conduct it all in a matter of minutes makes sure that work isn’t slowed down because of that. The software is very user friendly, so anybody can use it, even if they’re not tech savvy. This is how you attain better employee experiences, making sure that technology works with you and not against you at every possible moment.

To see how your workplace can be improved to attain a better employee experience, get in touch with a Surface Hub and WebEx Teams provider such as Kinly today!

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