Setting up a company, we have many aspirations and dreams. Things that we always wanted for our past jobs but did not get. Things that we wish to do differently in our venture. Things like Remote working.

It is a rather lucrative idea to be working from the comfort of our beds and statistically, being more productive. 

While starting your new business and hiring employees, you might want to hold off the search for a remote team for a while. First, you need to make sure that your business is accommodating enough for a remote team. 

Read on to find out how you can take a health check of your business for remote working.

Looking Locally First

First things first – In the initial stages of your business, the most important thing is high profit and low expenditures. 

Keeping this in mind, before jumping on the find-foreign-talent search wagon, you should look for talent locally first. For the simple reasons that:

They would be culturally more aligned with you from the beginning, without having to invest externally.

They would have similar financial understanding and expectations as you .

However, if you live in a place where finding the right talent for your business is difficult, then there is not a better way than hiring a full-time remote employee or freelancers on platforms like Freelancer or Upwork.

Another scenario for opting for remote hiring over local one is when you are starting up of a shoestring and live around areas like the Silicon Valley, where hiring locally would mean a more significant financial investment than choosing to go for remote employees. 

Fixing The Technology

Remote Working

If you are thinking about hiring a remote team, it takes the support of many different kinds of software to manage it. 

Working, communicating and collaborating take time, effort and technology to run smoothly among different remote teams. For efficient task management, data exchange and reporting, software like Trello, Huddleboard, Skype, have become next to necessary. 

In the initial stages of your business, you might only need free platforms for video conferences and data sharing through Drive. However, as your company grows, it is possible that you will require better technology to optimise your productivity.

Finding Management Rirst

When it comes to managing remote teams, you require detailed planning and management, and hence a team for doing it. 

Clear work instructions, zero ambiguity and objectified expectations are only some of the necessities when it comes to managing a team at work. 

And while it is much simpler to manage the people who sit around you in the same office, ensuring a smooth work process with remote employees is a different story. 

Many times people perceiving the needs of remote workers wrongly and end up excluding them from the general day-to-day events of the workplace.

For really making them a part organisation, it is imperative to include them in meetings, outings and cultural events as much as possible. 

To manage all of this, it takes an experienced and skilled leader. So, while going for remote hiring, keep in mind the leadership role as well. 

Having An In-House Team With Remote Work Experience

It requires a level of experience in working remotely for a person to be reliable enough to work on their own without the need of guidance. 

So, if you have a team member who has some experience with working remotely or as a freelancer, then you may not have to look for someone outside who might not be self-motivated enough to work on their own. 

It is better and less time-consuming than trying to find the perfect candidate for your remote team. 

In The End

The decision of hiring a remote team comes down to the fact whether or not you, as a business owner, are capable of handling it financially, personally and on a managerial level.  

So when, a team member asks you themselves about working remotely after proving their competence. Try easing them out into remote work setting and then you can see for yourself if your business is prepared for a remote team.

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