After developing your Android application, all the users that you want to hit are on the android devices. Therefore, you must decide in the very start that android is going to be the device that you will choose to use.

One of the great things with android developments is that it is not that much platform oriented like the one you need when you use IUS or Apple devices. It is different in case of Android in a way that it allows you to start Android application development on a windows platform or Mac platform, etc.

Few points can help you if you want to get started as an Android developer.

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Own A Decent Machine

A first prerequisite is a decent machine. If you have a machine that has just 2 gigabytes of RAM, it will not be much fun as an android developer because when your simulator runs, you will not need hardware devices to test your apps.

The android studio which is a platform where you write your codes gives you a lot of simulators that you can run and test your apps. These simulators consume a lot of memory, but your computer will perform slowly if your RAM has lower than required gigabytes. It is, therefore, recommended by the experts of Android developers to use at least 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Chose Programming Language

Once you clear the hurdle of having a decent machine, the next hurdle is the programming language. In case you are a beginner, then it is a good idea to come up with Java. The tip for beginners is that do not stick with the usual path of learning it, as you can directly jump to the Java. Java is a language in itself that can be simply and directly learnt.

Register Yourself To Learn Android

After you learn Java, the next step for you is to register yourself as an Android developer to get started learning android. While learning this, you need to know that there are a couple of websites that allow you to get started with your development career. You have to choose the official sources for yourself. They are difficult and time-consuming, but they are free to use. The ones that you have to purchase will cost you money, but they are less laborious and time-saving.

Register As An Android Application Developer

After all the above steps, you are supposed to register yourself as an android developer. It costs you a little bit of money, which is not more than 30 dollars. After investing this little amount, a verification process takes place. As you successfully go through this process, you can upload your application to the application store.

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After this, market your application with a proper portfolio. It will hit the market you are targeting, and you will get the response of the wider audience. This is the complete process of how you can become an Android developer.

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