Announced only recently, Mercedes‘ in-house tuner, AMG, has revealed its newest and only second creation. It is the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S. Available spring 2015, it is the newest addition to the “sports car” roundup. Meant to compete directly with high end Porsche 911 models, like the GT3, it is certainly potent under the hood.

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The car is claimed to have been “born on the racetrack” and with the classic sports car drivetrain, it looks to be quite a snarly, tail happy beast. The drivetrain has actually been labeled a “front mid-engined concept with transaxle.” The concept of the front mid-engine, is as such. The front engine, rear drive is where the engine is relatively centered over the front axle. A standard mid-engine would be just behind the driver, but forward of the rear axle. So, by placing the engine in the front, but closer to the center of the car, allows for better weight distribution, in turn enhancing the handling performance of the car.

AMG GT s under the hood

The engine is a talking point as well. Generally, when talking about turbocharged cars, you see the turbo, or turbos in this case, flanking the sides of the engine. However, the AMG GT S uses a new idea when it comes to turbo placement. Since this is a handbuilt V8 engine, it was decided, in order to make the engine as compact and efficient as possible, to fashion the twin turbos inside the V. This method has been dubbed, ‘hot inside V.’ Having done a paper in college regarding turbocharging engines, I can tell you that this will increase turbo response (less lag) and provide lower emissions in this configuration. This is all because of the shorter piping and less temperature differential between the engine and turbos.

AMG GT biturbo 1

This 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine will be available in two outputs, 462 hp or a whopping 510 hp. This engine mated to a 7-speed dual clutch flappy paddle gearbox will thrust the AMG GT S to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and just north of 190 miles per hour.

The interior is no slouch either. Featuring Nappa leather, and an aviation themed cockpit, it commands attention. It features a prominent center console, with all of the creature comforts you’ll find in any Mercedes-Benz. Some of these include numerous trim color options, PARKTRONIC, and rear view camera.

AMG GT inside 2

This car has been berthed from some of the technology in Mercedes-Benz AMG’s F1 car which I highlighted earlier this year. Their turbo in the V6 F1 engine has a similar setup where the turbo is a part of the unit. I’m very excited to see the reviews of this car once it reaches the market, as it uses some cool new tech, both in the front mid-engine chassis and the hot inside V Biturbo V8.

Website: 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S

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