Interlagos is the penultimate race of the 2014 season now thanks to the last race being at Abu Dhabi this year. With its intense corners and relatively high speed, it provides the tyres with quite a workout in just 4.309 km. The longest straight on the track isn’t even straight at all. Next to the Monaco Grand Prix, Interlagos has the shortest lap on the calendar. Known for being bumpy, with elevation change and questionable weather conditions, the Brazilian Grand Prix can provide quite a race.

The fans in Brazil are quite enthusiastic, and Interlagos provides a unique experience, especially with all the history here. It has decided many titles in past years, but since Abu Dhabi is a double points race, no deciding will be done here this year. The soft and medium tyres will be the choice by Pirelli, so let’s see what they have to say.

interlagos brazilian grand prixPirelli’s Interlagos Preview

Brazil is one of the biggest markets in the world for Pirelli, so it’s a pleasure to be there among our friends and supporters. The lap takes a lot out of the tyres due to the almost non-stop succession of corners, a number of which are high-speed. So getting the most out of the tyres and the strategy is clearly going to be of vital importance in the race. We’ve seen a number of wet races in the past at Interlagos, which seems to be a strong possibility this year as well. All of this adds to the reputation of the Brazilian Grand Prix for hosting dramatic races where nobody knows what to expect, so it’s likely that we can look forward to another exciting weekend in front of a crowd that is truly passionate about Formula One.Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director
I raced at Interlagos 12 times: I love it although it is extremely physically demanding for the driver, as the car is constantly cornering and you are subjected to a lot of forces. In particular, it placed heavy demands on your neck muscles and this situation was even more tricky in the past when Brazil came at the beginning of the season, so you were not used to it. I remember the track being bumpy: on Friday the surface tended to be quite slippery before delivering more and more grip as the weekend went on, also because of the character of the asphalt, which was quite abrasive. Now we will see if it is the same.Jean Alesi, Pirelli consultant

With Marussia and Caterham still not gracing the field, the 18 runners will be fighting for the last normal points spread this season. Hamilton, who is leading the Driver’s Championship at this moment, needs to have a strong finish here in order to maintain as many points possible going into the final race at Abu Dhabi. Rosberg, second in the championship, needs to win in Abu Dhabi, but also needs to pull in close in Interlagos, in case there are slip ups in the final Grand Prix. But don’t count out Ricciardo, as he’s always a strong finisher, so I’m looking for him to steal some points away from Mercedes here in the closing hours. I have a feeling it will be a nailbiter, and a season long talked about afterwards.

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