Let me start off by saying I’m not one to play mobile games. They have to be extremely good for me to do so and there’s literally only a handful of games for either Android or iOS that I have enjoyed playing. One of those was, and actually still is, Alto’s Adventure that was released some three years ago. I have it installed at all times on every Android device I own as well as every iOS device, which currently is my iPhone X. I’ve been long awaiting the follow-up from BuiltBySnowman, the makers of Alto’s Adventure, to hit the Apple App Store, and today, Alto’s Odyssey is here for the public.

Thanks to the awesome folks over at BuiltBySnowman, I’ve been gliding down the sandy slopes for about a week now on an early test build of the game. And just like with Alto’s Adventure, this game never gets old or boring and surprisingly enough doesn’t even feel repetitive to me. It’s forever changing since it’s an endless runner type game, but there’s always new challenges that lie ahead of the next slope or dune.

Alto’s Adventure had a bright, snowy, colorful palette to it which was very nice and welcoming. Alto’s Odyssey however, changes that for a much warmer, darker and even a bit more rough environment, the desert. That’s right, we’re leaving the snow slopes for some nitty-gritty sand slopes out in the desert. Along with the rougher scenery is the pesky little lemur’s that have replaced the Elder’s from the previous game. And let me tell you, I almost want those Elder’s back as they were relatively easy to deal with. These lemur’s are truly a pain to deal with once you find them and they give chase.

Altos Odyssey Image 1

The lemur’s are like the Elder’s in the fact that you get a bit of a head start on them, except these little guys are quick and even leap and pounce at you to knock you off your sand-board, and 9 times out of ten, they are quite successful at doing just that. Getting up enough speed or jumping on a vine or whatever has to be done quickly or else you’ll find yourself face first in the dirt once these feisty little creatures are alerted to your presence.

Before you manage to find yourself a lemur, and no, I don’t recommend you go trying to find one as if you’re going to keep it as a pet, you’ll come across many new obstacles within Alto’s Odyssey that we didn’t have in Alto’s Adventure.

For starters, there’s vines that you can ride across. Looks simple enough when you see the end in sight, but about halfway through the ride of the vine, it will snap. If you don’t jump just at the right time then you’ll fall to the ground. You won’t die, unless you attempt a back-flip and realize you don’t have enough time to complete it. But to continue on to the next vine, you need to jump from the first one just before it snaps as this will actually keep it from snapping and dropping you down. Timing is crucial in many ways.

If you find the vines and figure them out, which they are pretty easy to do so, just wait as you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s now the possibility to do a wall ride. Yes, you heard that right, you can ride your sand board on the walls within Alto’s Odyssey.

Altos Odyssey Wall Ride Image 1

If you look at the image above, that’s the wall on the right in which you can ride with the sand board. Let me tell you though, it’s tricky. Without telling you all the secrets on how to do it best, just know that timing is crucial and you can ride across in nearly a straight line, or you can make your way up the wall to a higher vantage point to be able to do a back-flip or whatever off of. But be careful, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Within the world of Alto’s Odyssey you’ll find temple ruins, hot-air balloons and several other new things. This makes the world of Alto’s Odyssey interesting and forever changing. There is of course the fact that you still need to pick up the coins to be able to upgrade things such as the coin magnet which makes a return from the original game. You can also buy a new sand board, helmet, chasm rescue, lotus timer and more. The beloved wing-suit makes a return as well for all of your flying through the air needs like you had in Alto’s Adventure.

There’s also a mysterious raid that you can purchase for 5,000 coins. I certainly won’t ruin the surprise here, mainly because I haven’t purchased it yet to see exactly what it does. All I know is it drops random items at random times some how, some way. I actually have acquired enough coins today to purchase it, but I just haven’t done so due to the fact that I wanted to get this review of the app out to all of you. My goal is to definitely buy the mysterious radio and see what happens. I just hope it doesn’t make extra lemur’s appear, as those things as pesky and annoying.

In the end, Alto’s Odyssey will set you back $4.99, which is the original price of Alto’s Adventure, but without a doubt it’s worth every penny and then some in my opinion. This game has already given me hours and hours of fun and excitement and I’m struggling right now to get past the next level, as I’m currently on level 16. Good thing is, Alto’s Odyssey will be installed on my device for a very long time to come and it’s a game that makes me want to pick up my iPhone X at various times and to start playing to get past that next level, or to some how get past yet another annoying lemur.

Currently Alto’s Odyssey is only available for iOS users in the Apple App Store but you can rest assured that it’ll come to Android in due time. Hopefully a bit quicker than it took BuiltBySnowman to port over Alto’s Adventure as this isn’t a game you Android users want to miss.

As I’ve always done, I ask you to support the developer of the game for all of their hard work and dedication to making yet another fantastic game. These folks put in a lot of time and effort into Alto’s Odyssey and a simple $4.99 purchase goes a very long way. In fact, I was offered a promo code for the game so I could get it free, but I purposely refused it so that I could purchase it and support them. So to Ryan Cash, who works for the company, THANK YOU for that offer, but even better, thank you for allowing me to support you, your fellow co-workers and the work you do. Please go buy yourself a cup of coffee on me good sir, as you and the team certainly deserve it.

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