Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is Weave. As always, I wouldn’t recommend an app that I didn’t use myself.

A while back I wrote about a cool app called JotterPad, that lets users create and export various types of documents. The company behind JotterPad, 2 App Studio, comes a new app called Weave. Weave is an awesome video recording app that lets you record a bunch of small video clips, and Weave will automatically stitch or “weave” the clips together into a short 45 second video.

Features of Weave

  • Stich video snippets into 45 second montage (up to 1.5 min in Weave Pro)
  • Trim, reorder and delete video snippets
  • Add a soundtrack and video title
  • Up to 60 video filters to choose from, including Auto White Balance, warm, cool, neutral, monotone, vintage, film, lab, selective color and light leak

Weave IMG 2

Weave IMG 3

Weave IMG 4

Weave is fun to use, and it’s really cool that it automatically stitches the clips together; the only thing you have to do is select a fun filter and a soundtrack. Of course, users can manually reorder and stitch clips together, as well as import MP4, JPEG, PNG and BMP files. Since the maximum video length is 45 seconds and 90 seconds for Pro users, it’s obviously not meant for serious videos, but rather a fun mashup that you can share to social media. Think of a Weave video as a really long Vine, or a really short YouTube video. Once you’re done making your video, you can directly share it to YouTube, Facebook, Youku, etc. There’s even an option for Chromecast, so you can cast it directly to your TV.

2 App Studio already has cool apps I love, such as the aforementioned JotterPad as well as Journal by Journey, a journal app. Now that Weave is in the making, they can’t call themselves “2 App” Studio anymore!

Right now Weave is a beta app, but Android users can request an invitation to the Weave Video Community on Google+ and follow the instructions there to become a beta tester.

Google+ Community: Weave Video Community

Facebook: 2appstudio

Twitter: @2appstudio

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