Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is Tag Journal. As always, I wouldn’t recommend an app that I didn’t use myself.

Tag Journal is an powerful journaling app from Enterpret Communications that helps you store your life experiences in one capable app.

Tag Journal Features

  • Create entries, notes, photos, videos, recordings and locations
  • iCloud Sync
  • Use tags to easily categorize your entries
  • View your entries in a calendar

Journal entries are easily created, and Tag Journal supports plain text and markdown formatting. For unfamiliar users, markdown means you can apply formatting such as italicizing, bold, and bold italicizing to your entries. Once you’ve finishing chronicling your day, you can quickly enrich your entry using a photo, video or a recording.

Photos and videos are accessible through a Gallery, so if you want to find a specific photo you don’t have to hunt through your entries to find it. You can even import photos to the Gallery from other apps.

Tag Journal IMG 2

Want to remember where you were that day? Add your location to the entry, then add it to favorite places and find nearby places through Foursquare. Sharing an entry is easy, and you can even export it as a PDF, or share it directly to Facebook, along with any attachments.

Once you’ve written a couple of weeks worth of entries, you can use the Timeline to sort through and view entries from a particular day or month. An interesting feature that I haven’t found in other apps is the ability to merge multiple entries into one. However, only text will merge and not photos, videos or recordings.

If you use Tag Journal on an iPad, you can use an accessory keyboard which adds extra features to iOS’s built-in keyboard designed to speed up your typing. Search, markdown shortcuts and an internal browser are all added.

Since your journal is one of the most personal tools a person can use, you can secure Tag Journal with a passcode. As with most other apps, the passcode isn’t stored in iCloud.

Tag Journal is available for iOS at $3.99.

About the author

Andrew Orr

Andrew Orr is a young man who loves gadgets, photography and cats. You can find him most places under the username @orrandrew91.