Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is Ninja Snap. As always, I wouldn’t recommend an app that I didn’t use myself.

Ninja Snap is an app for Android that lets you prank your friends. We all know that one friend who, upon receiving your phone to look at a picture, starts swiping through your other photos like a Nosy Rosie. Ninja Snap is for those friends.

How Ninja Snap Works

Ninja Snap works by taking secret selfies of your friend when they start swiping, and then the selfies will automatically show up in the phone’s gallery, so all they can see is their own dumb face. The developer behind Ninja Snap says the app was inspired by a Reddit comment (by Redditor /u/dane006) which mentioned people who swipe past the photo you intended them to look at. There’s also an “Infinite Gallery” option, which lets your friend swipe their own face forever, or at least until the battery dies.

The app is fairly simple to use. You load up the app, and pick one or two photos that you don’t mind your friend seeing, and wait to see if they’re the type of person who keeps looking through your camera roll. A different option within the app is to add Kanye West’s face to the selfie (although why in the world would you look at that <insert bad name>?)

Although Android already has a screen pinning feature, that doesn’t let you pin individual photos, so Nosy Rosie would still have access to your entire gallery to swipe through. When you’re done, you can kill the app simply by pressing the back button.

Right now the app is only available on Android, because Apple has a strict policy of blocking apps that secretly use the camera in the background (and for good reason), so unless the developer can find a way around that, it looks like Ninja Snap might only be available for our bug droid friends. The app is also free, which makes sense because the developer probably wouldn’t be allowed to monetize Kanye’s mug.

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