Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is MyRoll. As always, I wouldn’t recommend an app that I didn’t use myself. Last week I shared an app that has the potential to replace your default Contacts app. This week I’ve discovered an app that can replace the default Gallery app.

From Flayvr Media Ltd., based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, MyRoll is a cool app for Android that replaces the built-in Gallery app, and even has the capability to replace Google’s Photos app, at least for me. It’s a “smart gallery” that has several cool features: categorizing your photos into Moments, randomly selecting a photo per day from your collection, so you can revisit memories, and automatically identifying your best photos – the ones with smiling faces, good lighting, vivid color, etc. It also auto-titles moments based on calendar events.

MyRoll IMG 2

Granted, Apple already does this in their Photos app, but finally Android has these features as well. Besides those intelligent capabilities, what sets MyRoll apart from others is that it was recently made available on Android Wear, making it the first (or among the first) to do so. MyRoll uses what they call a “Gallery Curation Engine” to differentiate between good and poor photos using computer vision and machine learning.

MyRoll Feature List

  • Automatically organize all of your photos and videos according to events, date, time and location
  • Two views: the classic Gallery view, and Moments
  • Share individual photos or groups of photos easily
  • Intelligent notifications – have MyRoll Gallery help you rediscover those photos from your trip abroad last month, your kids’ birthday last year, or any important memory that’s been lost in your photo gallery
  • Automatically identify your best photos in your gallery

MyRoll IMG 3

Another optional app by Flayvr is Gallery Doctor Photo Manager. This is helpful if you have thousands of photos on your phone but are running out of storage. Gallery Doctor has the same intelligence as MyRoll by automatically selecting what it thinks are the “bad” photos and can delete them for you. Bad photos include blurry shots, low-res photos or ones with poor lighting. Of course, you can decide which ones you want to delete, and Gallery Doctor learns which photos you like and which ones you don’t and gets smarter over time.

Source: MyRoll Gallery On Google Play

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