Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is Monospace.

This week’s app is called Monospace, and it recently became a public beta. Now for starters, as a warning keep in mind that since it’s a beta, not everything will work correctly, so keep this in mind if you want to try it out. I downloaded this app on to my HTC One M9, and haven’t experienced any bugs so far, although the app is very limited. Maybe minimalism is the point?

That being said, at least Monospace has an attractive design. It’s very minimal (so far) and features a blank canvas onto which you can write down the very colors of your soul. It has a day mode and a night mode, although they aren’t specifically called that. The day mode means the screen is white, and the night mode means the screen is black. If you go into Settings, you’ll find a selection under Aesthetics where you can have the app use True Black instead of gray in dark mode, which means it shows black better on OLED screens.

The app has an attractive typewriter-esque font, possibly Andale Mono. In the “hello” file, it gives very brief tips on how to use the app, such as writing your sentences first and formatting later, since it’s in beta. The app automatically saves your files when you exit.

Monospace IMG 2

Monospace looks disconcertingly similar to another text editor I reviewed called JotterPad, so right off the bat there isn’t much product differentiation. There are even similar features, such as the Night and Day modes and the ability to save in Markdown. A feature of JotterPad is being able to sort files into folders, which Monospace may do later on.

Now to the important question: should you actually use it? It looks promising so far, but the usefulness of the app depends on whether people are looking for yet another mobile text editor. I certainly wouldn’t want to write entire articles on my phone, even with a bluetooth keyboard. You could use it to take brief notes, similar to how people use Google Keep, and since you can link the app to your Dropbox account, you will be able to sync your files.
You can find the beta at ApkMirror, and check out the developer, Jack Underwood, on his social media accounts.

If you want to leave feedback for the app, check out the Monospace community on Google+.

Google+: Jack Underwood
Google+: Monospace Community
ApkMirror: Monospace Public Beta

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