Remember back when everyone was getting all feverish trying to get an invite to Inbox or the OnePlusOne? Well the invite/code madness has struck once more and the app causing all the fuss this time is Beme.

In the world of social media we so often present ourselves in a polished manner to create a perception of our self in a way that we’d like others to see us, so often we’re not publishing that first photo as we look a bit rough, we’re editing that wee Instagram video a little to get rid of the rough edges and so on.

Casey Neistat wants to change all that and see us offer up ourselves with no filters and no cuts.

To cut a long story short, Beme uses the iPhone’s promixity sensor as a “record” switch and starts recording as soon as it’s covered, Casey recommends holding it to your chest to start recording but ya know, you could just like, hold your thumb over the sensor as everyone seems to be doing.

You don’t get to see your video as you record and as soon as Beme has finished recording, it uploads it straight away – BOOM, it’s out there! People then film responses themselves when watching by tapping the screen to take a quick snap shot of their response.

Right, I’m In! Oh, I’m Not

Beme is locked screen

So as you can imagine, I’m quite keen to get right in about this and check it out. Unfortunately, it seems that hen’s teeth are easier to acquire than a Beme code and despite scouring Google+ and Twitter fairly regularly, all codes that turn up are dead as a dodo by the time I get to keying them in. There are of course shifty websites and such claiming to offer codes but Neistat himself has stated that these are…well…shifty.

He has given out some generic codes through Twitter but ya know, I’m just not that fast.

So, are you in? If so – let us know how you’re finding it and we’re keen to find out about real-life use cases. Will this be the next Periscope or the next…Ello? Sink or Swim? Casey’s all in.

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Beme: Download on the App Store

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