Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week! Today’s App Of The Week is ADM.

ADM, or Advanced Download Manager is an Android app by DimonVideo that lets a user download a file more quickly, and is especially helpful for those with slow data connections. It works by multithreading a file; splitting it into smaller parts (up to 9 parts) and downloading them in parallel. It allows up to three simultaneous downloads, and the app has wonderful built-in automation capabilities. Users can import lists of links from an SD card, create different profiles for each type of connection, and even schedule downloads.


Some Other Features Included

  • Downloading files in the background and auto-resuming if the download failed
  • Automatically intercepting links from the browser and clipboard
  • “Boost algorithms” for faster download speeds (turbo mode)
  • Support for files over 2GB
  • Multiple file types include file archives, programs, videos, music, images, and documents
  • Faster downloads for file sharing services

The app comes with its own browser, in which you can send files to the downloader, download mp3s from “popular archives” and download mp4s from “tubes”, although the app is quick to say that “Advanced Download Manager does not support YouTube under the rules of Google.”

You can download only on WiFi or on data, with support for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. If you’re a heavy data user and your speed gets throttled regularly, this is the app for you. You can specify which folder your downloads appear in, and even save different file types in different folders. The app automatically stops if your battery is low.

After reaching out to ADM developer Albert Gazetdinov, he revealed the story behind the app, paraphrased as follows:

In 2007 I was a student with a hobby in programming…I bought a Nokia 6600 smartphone with Symbian OS 7. My mobile operator had a pricey GPRS internet, but there was a condition – only downloads less than 5 kilobytes were free. I wrote a program for downloading files in parts. After some time, the condition was changed but the program continues to live as SmartGET. In 2011 I bought an Android smartphone with money from my sponsor, the site administrator of DimonVideo, and rewrote the program in Java and renamed it DVGet for Russia. In 2012 I created a clone for English users which became ADM.Albert Gazetdinov

ADM boasts 5,000,000+ downloads, is small in size (1.68MB), and comes with an ad-supported free version and a Pro version is $1.99. The Pro version doesn’t offer advanced features, it just allows you to disable the ads, but if you’d like to support a small-time developer than your donation would be less than that beer you bought last night, and much more lasting.

Source: ADM On Google Play
Source: DimonVideo On Google+

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