An entire decade has now elapsed since people could first buy a revolutionary technological device known as the iPhone. Yes, it was 10 years ago that the creation of the late Steve Jobs was unleashed on the world, with the Apple CEO hoping to capture 1% of the global smartphone market within 12 months of its release. That was achieved with ease and the company now has as much as 40% of that market, according to some sources.

Upon its release in 2007, the iPhone was perceived as an incredible piece of technology. If you were to pick up a first generation iPhone today and browse through it, you would nearly laugh at how basic it seems, now that the device has evolved exponentially through a dozen models. The technology has changed enormously, as has the appearance, but the insatiable demand for iPhones has been a constant throughout the last 10 years. Indeed, with each new model, the anticipation for its release becomes more frenzied, so heaven knows what the buzz will be like when the iPhone 8 hits stores.

In recognition of the iPhone’s phenomenal journey, Neon SMS ( produced this cool nostalgic video charting the evolution of the device from one model to the next. It also includes some eye-catching statistics which illustrate the scarcely believable success of what many classify (although some would debate otherwise) as the world’s greatest smartphone.

As you can see be the short video above, there are some really amazing facts with regards to the iPhone and what it’s done in its ten years of existence. In fact, Steve Jobs’ goal was to only capture 1% of the global smartphone market within the first year. Seems like such a small number considering that they currently have about 94% of the global market as of 2015.

Other stats include that there are 395 iPhone’s sold every single minute and that in 2008 there had been 3.7 million iPhone’s sold, and then just a year later there had been 26.4 million sold. The numbers are astronomical and mind blowing in every way possible.

Curious to see where these numbers go from here with Apple releasing a special iPhone in commemoration for the 10th anniversary of the device that revolutionized the world in so many ways by one of the most intelligent individuals of all time when it comes to technology.


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  • It’s crazy to see how far the iPhone has come. There have been many changes and updates, but I still prefer the iPhone and IOS over any other device or Operating System.