We have some awesome news for those iOS users who were always jealous of the fact that Android users were able to play a game by the name of Ingress. No need to worry any longer, on Sunday, July 13th, Ingress made it’s way onto the Apple App Store, and is NOW available for the millions of iOS users around the world.

Ingress Factions

For those who aren’t exactly sure what Ingress is, Ingress is an massive multiplayer, online game based in near-real time augmented reality. Basically, there are various “portals”, placed at various real-life places, such as Post Offices, landmarks, and other public places, and the goal is to create a virtual triangular field for whatever faction you choose to be apart.

This isn’t just a game where you drive around, find stuff, collect it, and drive away. There are levels ranging from 1 to 16, and as you progress through the battle, you gain experience, therefore ranking higher. Once you’ve gotten to take over a portal for your faction, there are various types of resonators which can also be leveled up using Mods, and there are 8 different levels for each resonator.

Ingress Scanner

In order for your faction to take over a portal that has already been claimed, there is a little bit of work involved. In order to find the various portals, you must view the “scanner”, which is your in-app view of the “battlefield”, and then navigate appropriately. Once you have arrived at an enemy portal, you must destroy the opponents resonators, by firing what’s called an XMP Burster or “eXotic Matter Pulse” Burster. This will destroy the enemies resonator, and award your faction the portal.

Ingress Portal Overview

There are two factions in Ingress, the Enlightened, who believe their actions will uplift humanity, and progress human evolution, and are represented by green. The Resistance, who I chose on a whim, represented by blue, believe in preserving whatever freedoms humanity has, within the game.

As soon as I saw that Ingress was available for my iPhone, I instantly downloaded, the game, and found that there were two portals within a mile of my house. Needless to say, I will spending my next day off, learning more about the game, and exploring these various portals just to find out what this game is really about.

Have you been playing Ingress for Android? What level are you currently on? If you’ve been waiting for Ingress to come out for iOS, how excited are you now that it is finally here?

Leave us your thoughts and comments on Ingress being released for iOS below. 

Apple App Store: Ingress For iOS


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