Earlier this week, the team from Pangu, released the jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1, the latest stable version of iOS. We took a look at the basics on how to jailbreak your compatible iOS devices. Hopefully, everyone who did use the jailbreak, had little to no issues, and were able to jailbreak with ease. Something that we didn’t take a look at, was the pesky extra application that the Pangu jailbreak installed when the jailbreak was completed.

What Is PPSync



This extra application is called PPSync, and is essentially a “cracked” app store, which allows users to download applications that normally cost some amount of money, for free. This is also known as piracy that just about everyone has heard of, no matter what device they use. The first time that I jailbroke with Pangu, I did not have the PPSync application on my device. With the second go ’round, low and behold, PPSync appeared on my device right next to the Cydia icon. We do not recommend keeping PPSync installed for two different reasons. The first reason being that, under no circumstances do we support the use of any applications to circumvent supporting developers that make a living by developing their apps for the App Store. The second reason to remove PPSync, is because it causes some instability with various stock applications, such as Safari, Mail, Stocks, and others.

I haven’t run into any issues specifically, except for the fact that the stock Mail application would not always refresh, and would crash randomly when trying to refresh my email. So we are here to bring everyone another tutorial, this one is to show everyone what steps you need to take in order to remove PPSync from whatever iOS device you have jailbroken on iOS 7.1.1.

Add The PPSync Removal Repository

Add Repository

Before removing PPSync, you must add a specific repository to Cydia, so that you can then install the tweak that uninstalls PPSync. Before going too much more into detail, I’ll explain what a repository is. In order for applications and tweaks to be able to be downloaded onto your device from Cydia, you must have various repositories added. Think of it as an RSS feed where you can add a random feed, and get specific applications and tweaks from a certain developer. Out of the box, Cydia does have a few repositories pre-loaded, so that users can get their feet wet, and get started before adding more repositories.

Remove PPSync

Remove PPsync

Now, in order to remove PPSync, and install the Complete PPSync Remover from Cydia, you must add http://cydia.angelxwind.net from Karen Tsai to your repositories. After everything has reloaded, and your sources have refreshed, if you tap the Changes section, Complete PPSync Remover should be on the list, after you scroll down a bit. Considering that after every Sources refresh, the packages are all alphabetized, you should be able to find the PPSync Remover package fairly easily. Meanwhile, you could also check out the other packages included in that repository, and if you see something you like, check it out and report back to us. Once the package is finished running, Cydia will require you to reboot your device. Once rebooted, PPSync should no longer be found on your home screen.

Again, I want to state that TechDissected, in no way, supports piracy, so we strongly encourage everyone to use this source and uninstall PPSync from your newly jailbroken devices, and just support the developers in the traditional way. If you have any issues, comments, or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Have you had any issues after jailbreaking your device running iOS 7.1.1? What are your favorite tweaks, icons, or applications that you have found within Cydia?

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