With certain folks expected to receive their Apple Watch tomorrow, April 24th, Apple has finally released the User Guide for the Apple Watch. With the release of this User Guide, users can start getting acclimated with the ins and outs of Apple’s newest product, before they get their hands (or wrists) on it.

The User Guide literally goes over every aspect of the watch, from the Basics and Watch Faces, the nuances of the Health and Fitness integration, all the way to the Accessibility settings of the Watch itself. One pretty cool section about the Apple Watch User Guide is the section on “Digital Touch”. This is the feature that allows users to send various sketches to your friends with the Apple Watch. It also is the feature that allows you to send your heartbeat to your loved ones with the Apple Watch.

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The most in-depth portion of the User Guide seems to be the Health and Fitness section, which isn’t really all that surprising. Considering the fact that Apple spoke so much about the benefits of having the Apple Watch for health purposes, it’s good to see such a thorough explanation of all the features.

If you are like me, and haven’t yet ordered the Apple Watch but are on the fence about it, be sure to still check this out, and maybe it will sway your mind to whether the Apple Watch will be useful. Plus, it’s just plain cool to read about all the different settings and features the Apple Watch has to offer.

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch? Have you been tempted into purchasing one after seeing all the countless updated applications that have added support for the Apple Watch? I, for one, am being more and more enticed into possibly purchasing one, but will be waiting until after this first batch of shipments hits and some “real-time” reviews start rolling in.

Source: Apple Watch User Guide

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  • To use this to be more “hands off” of your phone, while driving for instance, you have to be way too “hands on” with the watch … turning little dials to access options? Come on! Steve Jobs is doing somersaults in his grave looking through the UI guide for this abortion. The more I see of it, the more I see an “all compromise” device created to part suckers from their money. Android Wear may not be perfect, or even great, but the human interface is far more intuitive. And oh god, that home screen. All those microscopic little icons! Start filing down your finger tips people!