So the last week has been pretty eventful for us Apple and iOS users out there. Apple released the final version of iOS 8.4 and an hour later, released Apple Music to the world. However, before iOS 8.4 was released, the jailbreak team of TaiG released the jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3, which left many developers, including Saurik, scrambling to get their tweaks and apps updated through Cydia. Then hours after the release of iOS 8.4, TaiG released an update to their jailbreak app for the latest version of iOS.

Well with that, we have been looking through and waiting for all of the different tweaks and apps that we have come to love to be updated. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the tweaks and apps that are “Must Have” for even the most beginner of iOS jailbreak users.

Springtomize 3

The first tweak we are going to take a look at is Springtomize 3. This is one of the most in-depth tweaks that has ever graced the Cydia Store due to the sheer level of control that it gives the user. Springtomize 3 allows users to adjust everything from hiding apps and icons in the status bar, to the grid size of your home screen, as well as tweaking the Control Center for your device.

Once the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 was released, there was a bit of worry about whether Springtomize 3 would even be updated with support due to the original developer, Filippo Biga, announced that he started working for Apple. Nonetheless, he was sure to keep people’s minds at ease and handed off development to another one of his developer friends.

Now there are some bugs that are still getting worked out, but that’s to be expected with a new version of iOS, let alone the fact that someone else has taken over development of the tweak. Regardless of that, Springtomize 3 is still a must have for anyone looking to jailbreak.

Tweak Description: Springtomize 3 ($2.99)

PreferenceOrganizer 2

We all know how annoying it can be to go to the Settings application, and continue to scroll for days while trying to find the application that you want to adjust. Well PreferenceOrganizer 2 makes that a bit easier, by allowing you to tweak your settings application. Once installed, this tweak organizes and groups your apps into 4 different categories: Apple Apps, Social Apps, Tweaks, and App Store Apps.

Now these sections can be changed around just slightly. You can rename the grouping, as well as toggle what sections you want PreferenceOrganizer 2 to actually organize for you. This is just a basic tweak that helps to save some time or fix that OCD that you may have.

Developer Page: Karen AngelXWind
Tweak Description: PreferenceOrganizer 2 (FREE)


While Springtomize 3 focuses on tweaking iOS as a whole, Protean focuses on JUST tweaking the status bar. Protean has been around for a little while, however they were one of the first tweaks to be updated with compatibility for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4.

Protean brings some features to iOS that have been prevalent in Android for as long as anyone can remember. As an iOS user who uses both platforms, it gets frustrating that I can’t just look at my status bar to see what notifications need to be seen. Protean aims to fix that, along with other things.

You can move around or hide different aspects found within your status bar, such as the Carrier, battery image, Time, Signal Strength, and more. What makes Protean cool, in regards to my previous statement about seeing pending notifications in the status bar, like our Android brethren, is that Protean is able to bring this to life on iOS.

You are able to go through every one of your applications, within the Protean settings panel, and enable the ability to see the notification icon on your status bar. You can also set up a notification to see the total number of pending notifications that you have. This is not pulled from whatever may or may not be in your notification bar. Instead, the pending notifications are pulled from the different App Badges that are enabled for your device.

Protean is extremely easy to use, but also has the power to tweak everything you want your status bar to be and more.

Reddit: Protean
Tweak Description: Protean ($1.99)


My biggest gripe with iOS ‘multi-tasking’ has always been the lack of being able to close all apps at the same time. I hate double-tapping the home button, only to find the 30 apps that I’ve used in the last few days. Yes, I know you can go through and remove two or more at a time with your fingers, however, it’s still annoying if you have a lot of open applications.

Sicarius removes any concern with leaving apps open in the background. Sicarius is a tweak that allows you to close all of your apps by simply swiping up on your home screen from the multi-tasking view on your device. However, Sicarius provides a little more fine-tuning if you prefer.

Sicarius allows users the ability to choose which apps you would like to exclude from closing when using the tweak. For example, you can toggle whether you want to exclude the active app, or the app that is playing music in the background. This comes in handy, so that you don’t accidentally close out Apple Music or Spotify when trying to close your apps.

Sicarius also allows you to quickly respring your device. What this does, is basically a soft restart on your device, so instead of powering down and waiting for the device to boot back up, just respring to change any settings that may need to be refreshed. One caveat though, is that in order to respring the device, all of the apps need to be closed out for Sicarius to be able to do its’ thing. So be sure to do that before proceeding with a respring.

Reddit: Sicarius
Tweak Description: Sicarius (FREE)


I can’t stand large icons, and for me, the default icon size on iOS on the iPhone 6, is too large. I like my devices to be dense, and at least look somewhat minimalistic. Well Upscale helps that out a bit, but that’s not the purpose that Upscale serves.

Upscale is a tweak that allows you to change the screen density of your device to something a little more to your liking. For example, right now, I’m running my iPhone 6 with the screen density of the iPhone 6 Plus. Once downloaded the tweak resides in your Settings app and you can change the resolution from there.

Upscale includes four presets: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+. There is also a Custom section which allows you to choose the exact density that you prefer. However, when using this option, be sure to double check your numbers so that your device doesn’t go crazy and start acting up.

Upscale doesn’t just work on the home screen, it works across the whole device. So all of your third-party apps will follow the resolution change as well, which can be a good or bad thing, depending upon if you’re tinkering around or not.

Reddit: Upscale
Tweak Description: Upscale (FREE)


This is a very basic tweak, and is more for the customization side of you than it is actually useful for anything. Once downloaded, LockGlyph adds the finger print animation that can be found when using your iPhone with Apple Pay.

Naturally, this is only compatible with Touch ID devices, so it would be pointless on older devices like the iPhone 5, but is still pretty cool nonetheless. In traditional Cydia style, the developer has baked in a way to easily download themes so that if you don’t want the Apple Pay finger print animation to be used, you can download something else more to your liking.

LockGlyph replaces the ‘Slide to Unlock’ text found on your home screen, and is really cool to look at when in use. Back when the LockGlyph tweak was originally released, there was a noticeable delay on the unlocking of your device, which was very frustrating for someone who is accustomed to the speed that Touch ID brings to unlocking your device. That is no longer a concern, now that there is a setting to speed up the process so that you can enjoy LockGlyph while still unlocking your device quickly.

Reddit: LockGlyph
Tweak Description: LockGlyph (FREE)

Apex 2

Folders on iOS can be annoying. When it comes to customizing stock iOS, there is no way to set an icon as a folder icon for any folder on your device. Well Apex 2 helps that out quite a bit, with some small limitations.

Apex 2 is a tweak that allows you to create a “folder” out of any application on your device. Once installed, simply swipe up or down on any icon, and you are presented with four “+” symbols. After tapping on the plus sign, you are presented with a list of all the applications, whether from Cydia, the App Store, or iOS, that you can add.

Now, there are only a limit of 5 applications that can be used in conjunction with Apex 2. You have the cover app, then when you swipe out, you have four more. So this may not work if you have a lot of games installed, but you can always create more than one, so there’s still a way to not have a thousand games hiding around on your device.

Apex 2 also works within folders on iOS, so you can have a type of sub-folder within iOS, which obviously isn’t available in stock iOS.

Developer Twitter: Aditya KD
Tweak Description: Apex 2 ($2.99)

That wraps up this weeks list of tweaks for your iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4 device. Let us know what your favorite tweaks are in the comment section below or what you would like to see featured in the future.

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