Gone are the days when you could simply play a game on anything with a touchscreen. Today there’s no more Candy Crush, no more Cut the Rope, no more 2048. Players are demanding games that look great on their smartphone screens, and, like a snake biting its own tail, they demand stronger hardware and larger screens to play them. The casual games I used to play on my 3.8″ screen Android phone are still OK, but new games, such as King.com’s Blossom Blast Saga, are no longer playable on such small screens.

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Luckily, There Are Still Exceptions

One of my favorite games out there are slot machines. I played them since I was a youngster, and this habit of mine has lived on to my adult years, too. I tried many social variants, but to be honest, I found that they have some serious shortcomings, like a limited variety of games, and the constant interruption while I was playing, that didn’t work for me. Luckily I discovered the All Slots Casino, AllSlotsCasino.com, where I found everything I wanted: over 100 titles to play, all built with real money players in mind, and a distraction-free environment in which I could play free.


But what’s better, all the slot machines at the All Slots Casino look and work perfect on my faithful, old 3.8″ Android phone.

One of the reasons why the All Slots Casino is working great on older hardware and smaller screens that it was built completely in HTML5. This new platform is well known for its capability to adapt to any screen size, and its ability to run on virtually any hardware and software. Which means that the games at the All Slots Casino run perfect both on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 4, or Android and Windows Phone devices. Older and newer alike. They are not very demanding when it comes to hardware either, especially since all the heavy lifting is done by the operators’ servers.

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The Large Screen Offers More Detail, But Demands More Processing Power

Today’s mobile games are clearly built with today’s hardware in mind. They offer their players superior quality, and the complexity they lacked in the early years. Today’s smartphone games are as complex as their PC and console counterparts, they have extended story lines, character development, massively multiplayer capabilities – and they have graphics to match all of the above. But nice graphics demand stronger hardware, more memory, and more battery power.

Small-screen phones are not an option when it comes to mobile gaming. While the games of yesterday will still run on them perfectly, today’s new titles are simply not built with these older models in mind. But thanks to browser-based mobile games, older models like me will still have something to play with on their older phones.

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