When IT industry is continuously advancing with new technology and processes, very few really think of going back to basics! CompTIA Certifications are amongst those basic certificates that are designed for the individuals new to the industry or beginners in this field of technology. The certification is not vendor specific, which makes it work as neutral certification accepted everywhere.

Popular certifications offered by CompTIA are A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Storage+, Cloud+, Linux+, Project+ and Mobility+. These certifications are based on the foundation of IT industry and would be perfect pick for entry-level students.

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More About CompTIA Certification

CompTIA that stands for Computing Technology Industry Association was formed in 1982 under the name Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD) and later changed to CompTIA. This non-profit organization widened its scope over years and has now been involved in offering prestigious IT certifications accepted worldwide.

These certifications are not based on any specific technology like CISCO, Microsoft or others and hence have wider applications. All major training centers are offering the courses for these certifications, however candidates are still into dilemma that whether these certifications are worth investing time and money? The answer is clear “YES” and the reasons are given below.

It Builds A Strong Base For Courses Further

Though you may have come across the fact that CompTIA is the basic course, you can’t deny the fact that strong base is always required for building the structure further. You may get tempted to some higher level courses and would like to jump directly to the next level in order to save time and money, but you will find difficulty grasping the next level technology due to weak foundation. Sparing some time for CompTIA Certifications would make you ready to face the challenges further.

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Earn Additional Credits

This vendor neutral certification would earn extra credits for you in college or university as it is recognized globally. The software giants like CISCO, Microsoft, HP, Novell and several others would offer credits of these certifications in their courses. This will put your next course on fast track and make up for the time invested in this course.

Get Substantial Standing In Your Job

As mentioned earlier, these courses are targeted for entry level students who would be entering their new job in short period of time. The tag of having completed such reputed courses would give you substantial standing in your new job as it will show your dedication towards learning. Once you get the due recognition in the new job because of this certification, you can always opt for further trainings and diplomas to enhance your knowledge pool required for promotion and career growth. CompTIA would work as the stepping stone.

Make You Eligible For Most Of The IT Jobs

Many big IT companies have made this certification mandatory for the job applicants. They use this as the criterion for screening the candidates for further rounds. Once you get certified by CompTIA, you would become eligible for most of the relevant opportunities and also fetch more salary compared to other candidates as it is one of the reputed certifications.

Get yourself endorsed by the experts at each step of your career as every such endorsement would push you further for quicker growth.

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