With all of our mobile devices that we have today, we often are looking for a great product to keep the screen as well as the device itself clean. But also with those of you/us who own a PC at home, we know how dirty our keyboards get, even when not in use and are again in need of keeping it relatively clean. That brings me to a couple of products from Dust-Off Inc. that I’m going to show you today. The mobile screen microfiber cloth, and their ever popular can of compressed gas.

First we’re going to talk about the mobile screen microfiber cleaning cloth. It’s a basic product, however, it’s an important one for a lot of people. With all the touchscreen mobile devices now days, fingerprints, oil, dust and other things collect on the screens of our mobile devices and that bothers us. So much so that we are often wiping the screens on our shirts, pants leg or whatever else. This really isn’t the best way to be doing it as it can and will leave scratches on your device.

We highly recommend you get yourself a Dust-Off mobile screen cleaning cloth. They will only run you about $5 each and are very easily tucked away in a purse, backpack or even a wallet or purse. They are very small and compact, yet will provide you with a much better way of wiping that grime from your mobile devices screen.

You can actually use this little cloth for many different things or devices. You can use it on your mobile phone, your tablet, iPod, or even your smart watch if you have one of those already, as well as things like a TV or computer screen. Below is a list of ideal uses as well as sizing of the mobile screen cleaning cloth.

  • Smart Phones and cell phones
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • Any type of portable screens on gaming devices and DVD players
  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
  • Auto Touch Screens
  • Cloth Size4: 5″ x 6″

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The second product I’m going to mention is one for those of us that own a PC at home, or really anything that has a keyboard that’s not on the screen of a device. So a regular computer keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard or similar things. The Dust-Off compressed-gas can also clean various other things around your house such as the dust off your computer desk, nightstand, TV stand or anything similar.

We most commonly refer to this product as a can of air, or cleaning air. In a lot of ways that’s what it is, however it’s actually compressed-gas, which gives it the slight odor that it has. It’s also what makes it so very cold, especially if you turn the can upside down and spray it.

This product is very simple and easy to use. Just aim, pull the trigger and the compressed-gas comes out and will blow all the dust, lint and similar stuff from your keyboard or that dusty nightstand next to your bed. It’s something that just about everyone of us has used at one point or another for cleaning our nasty computer keyboards.

The cans range in various sizes from the new 7oz size that I was sent, up to larger 17oz sized cans. They will range anywhere from about $7 or so, on up to around $22 or so if you buy them individually.

Both of these products can be purchased directly from the Dust-Off website, as well as you can usually find them in most electronics stores such as BestBuy, MicroCenter, or even your local Wal-Mart. You can simply click the links below to go straight to the Dust-Off website to order yours directly. Remember, if you buy in bulk, you will save yourself a bit of money. So if this is something you’re capable of doing, take advantage of it and save some of that hard earned cash.

Website: Dust-Off Products
Product: Mobile Screen Cleaning Cloth
Product: Dust-Off Compressed-Gas

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