It may be obvious now, but I love cats. As an owner of a fuzzy feline friend, I often wonder if I am feeding my cat at the right times, if I’m providing the right amount of food, and what my cat’s feeding habits are like. Obesity has become a larger issue with cats now that the majority of them are kept indoors. They no longer have the same amount of exercise, and unlimited food supplies are available to eat whenever they feel like it. As such, they tend to gain habits of humans, and often times they eat simply because they are bored.

I am often looking for new things to aide me in resolving these issues, and, in the age of technology, I want everything possible to be linked to my smartphone. Now, all of these concerns and more have finally been solved thanks to Bistro.

The History Of Bistro

Designed by 42ARK, a subsidiary of Zillians that focuses on designing and building innovative pet products, Bistro recently hit Indiegogo on July 2nd with a crowd-funding goal of $100,000 USD. Possibly due to the fact that pet owners often times have no qualms about spending money on their four legged friends, it reached and exceeded this goal, and is currently sitting at $125,908 USD.

By combining cutting-edge technologies, elegant design, and most significantly, the love for cats, Bistro is the ultimate health monitoring solution for cat owners around the world to take best care of their furry friends.42ark Press Release

The reason Bistro came about was due to a true life story of the founder of 42ARK Mu-Chi. Being the owner of felines himself, he experienced first hand what diet trends can signify in the health of your cats. One of his four-legged felines, Momo, developed pancreatitis, resulting in the need for both of her back legs to be amputated.

This specific condition could have been caught earlier, had he noticed her eating habits had changed. As a result, he got together a team to create Bistro, in order to prevent such a heart-breaking event from taking place in the future, and to help other cat owners understand the need for healthy feeding habits.

Why Bistro Is So Awesome

The inventors at 42ARK have taken cutting edge facial recognition software and integrated it into your cat’s feeder. This allows for the feeder to distinguish between your cats (if you have multiple) thus providing you an accurate picture of each cat’s feeding habits, and diet history.

With the smartphone app, the daily, weekly, and, monthly history of each cat is tracked and available in the palm of your hand. This allows for eating trends of your cats to be reviewed, which is imperative, as changes in feeding habits can be early warning signs of serious health issues that you may not notice otherwise. The smartphone app also has been designed to notify the owner if any alarming trends have been detected.

Bistro also takes the health of your kitty a step further with providing food suggestions. In order to prevent over feeding your cat (a common issue), it lets you know how much your cat should be eating, and, allows you to set daily limits by weight. The scale will weigh your cat before and after eating, in order to determine if the day’s food weight limit has been reached. If it has not, the feeder will dispense more food, until your cat has eaten through the daily allotment.

Bistro Diagram

With the feeder’s built in camera, you are actually able to launch the smartphone app and watch your cat while they inhale the delicious food that Bistro has dispensed for them. This allows for you to check in on your fur baby, to ensure that there are no issues you need to be aware of.

As you can see, the health of your cat truly is within your reach with Bistro. There is no more guessing, and you will always know your cat is getting the right amount of food in order to keep him or her healthy. Plus, for an extra added bit of fun, you can share pictures of your cats with your friends, and, an online cat community through the app itself.

Let’s be honest. Fat cats are adorable, all round, lazy and squishy, more often found sleeping than anything else. This, however, is unfair for your feline. Cats are not meant to be obese, and your pet should be the sleek and slim hunter their genetics want them to be. Is your cat overweight? Do you maybe feel a little guilty about letting him/her get that way? Well, if so, then Bistro is the solution for your fat cat. Head to Indiegogo, and if you’re quick you can get in on the action. Set to retail around $299 USD, the Indiegogo site currently has them available as low as 50% off the retail price.

Website: Bistro
Website: Indiegogo

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