Here at TechDissected we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Toast products made by the folks over ToastMade such as the skin for the Chromebook C720HTC One M8, XBox One S and a couple of others along the way. Today I’m going to show you what the new Nintendo Switch looks like with a walnut Toast skin on it from those awesome folks over at ToastMade. Unfortunately for me the Nintendo Switch Toast skin isn’t available for the entire system in bamboo so I had to go with walnut. Kind of disappointed in this as my XBox One S and my PS4 are both bamboo so I would have loved for my Switch to match perfectly.

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As I mentioned in my XBox One S Toast review, their packaging for the Nintendo Switch Toast cover is just as remarkable as all of their products that get shipped out. They go above and beyond to ensure that the cover arrives to you without damage and comes with a very detailed set of instructions and installation tips. They put the Toast skin being shipped to you in a flat cardboard package and then put your skin on top of another flat piece of cardboard within that package. They seal it up, tape it up good and even put a sticker on it that tells the USPS to be Fragile and Do Not Bend the packaging. I’ve had several packages arrive from ToastMade and not a single one of them has been damaged to this point. Knock on wood(pun intended) that my next one isn’t damaged.

The folks at Toast sent me over a walnut colored skin for my Nintendo Switch for me to make my Switch look as good as it can possibly look. My only disappointment in this is as I mentioned above is that bamboo is only available for the dock section of the Switch. Not sure why this is the case and if this will change in the future, but it is what it is and I’ll certainly deal with the walnut. You can also get the Switch Toast skin in ash or ebony just like you can with most of their other skins.

Each Toast skin is made from real wood veneer, and is laser cut from a single piece so the grains line up once it’s fully applied. The back of each piece uses high quality 3M adhesive, and the average thickness of their covers is 0.9mm (1/32″) thin so you’re not adding much in the way of bulk when applying them to the product of your choice.

Important Notice

There is a known issue that the factory paint finish on the Nintendo Switch console and controllers is not very durable. This was originally discovered by dbrand who does skins for various types of devices. You can see the full story here: Nintendo Switch skins not recommended. Below is the official statement that Toast gave me on a post on Google+ which you can find here: Google+ Toast Response.

We just got in from a long July 4th weekend, so apologies for the delay! The Toast product page discusses this issue, so customers will see it prominently before buying the product. There is a known issue that the factory paint finish on the Nintendo Switch console and controllers is not very durable. In our testing, sometimes we noticed micro, pinprick-sized pieces of paint pulling off the console or Joy-Con controllers upon removal. We don’t know if this will become more of an issue over time and cause larger pieces of paint to pull up with covers that have been installed for a long time, so if you are concerned about keeping your Switch 100% pristine, maybe just go for the dock instead – the dock isn’t painted, so you can safely Toast it to your heart’s content. Hope this helps. We’ve made a point to ensure our customers are aware of the known issues with the paint finish issue with the Switch Joy-Cons.Toast


I can’t begin to tell you just how easy the installation of the Nintendo Switch Toast cover is, or any of their products for that matter. For something as large as a gaming console, installation takes 10 – 15 minutes, if that. The switch took slightly on the longer side due to it having a few more pieces than you have for the XBox One S, PS4 and so on.

The package came with detailed instructions and everything necessary to Toast your Nintendo Switch. There are a couple of things you should be aware of before you begin the installation process. The first is to make sure you remove all pieces from the packaging and familiarize yourself with each one and where exactly on the console they will be applied. The second is that don’t worry about putting a piece on slightly crooked as they are removable. The trick to removing a mis-aligned piece however is to do so slowly, but do it as soon as you realize it’s not aligned properly because the longer it sits on the console, the stronger the adhesive binds itself to the console.

To start, make sure you unplug your Nintendo Switch and set it somewhere that you can easily reach it without having to bend over or anything like that. I chose to use my chest of drawers as it was a higher surface and made installation simple. Once you do that, then use the included alcohol wipes to wipe the entire console down and get rid of as much dust and dirt as possible. Luckily I keep my consoles very clean so I didn’t really need to do this step, but I did it to ensure cleanliness.

Once you have all the pieces laid out and you know which one is which and where it’s going to go, it’s as easy as following the instructions that Toast provides in their packaging. I did the dock first as I figured it would be the easiest since it was the biggest piece, the most square piece and didn’t have button holes or anything like that. Took me about 3 minutes to Toast the Nintendo Switch dock.

Once I was done with the dock I decided to move on to the Joy-Con’s and get them done. Again, just take your time and don’t rush anything and you’ll have them both done in about 5 – 7 minutes. Once those are done then you can move on to the final stage, the Switch itself, which is a bit trickier simply due to the fact that it’s got button holes, the screen itself and a few other things.

For me, my Switch has a tempered glass screen protector over the screen so I was a bit confused as to install the Toast skin with the screen protector left in place or not. I elected to leave the screen protector on and just go with the flow. This was a decision I didn’t regret and worked without issue. Again, just have to be super patient and make sure you have everything perfectly aligned.

Once you get the Switch itself done, then you can fill in the power button and of the little stuff but that takes no time at all. The important thing to note here is that with the thickness of the Toast skin now in place, sliding the Switch into the dock is going to feel considerably tighter and more awkward than it was originally. It almost feels as if you’re not going to be able to push it all the way down to where it makes contact so that you can play it on the TV or charge it within the dock. My suggestion is to just push it slowly and you’ll find that it goes all the way down and works just as it should.

Final Thoughts

Toast offers the Nintendo Switch skin at $59.00 for the whole console and the dock, or $24.00 for just the dock or $39.00 for the console and Joy-Cons without the dock. While that might seem like a bit of money for a “simple skin” for your console, it’s really dirt cheap for what you are getting quality wise. You are getting a real wood, or real leather, skin that is durable, beautiful and very easy to install and it makes whatever product you’re putting it on look even more amazing than it did prior to being Toast’ed.

I would recommend everyone to purchase their products regardless of what product you own because I know for a fact that when you get your product you’re going to sit there and look at and say….Toast has never looked so damn good in my entire life.

Nintendo Switch ToastMade Skin


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Installation


Adhesive Quality





  • Strong Adhesive
  • Easy To Install
  • Detailed Installation Instructions


  • Bamboo Is Only Available For The Dock

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