Not long ago the folks over at Mad Catz released their first console called the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. and with it was a half way decent little game controller that a lot of people seem to have liked. Because of this, Mad Catz decided to release the controller in a stand-alone model called the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. to be used with PC’s and mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection.

Since I’m not much a mobile gamer, simply because most games are difficult to play on mobile devices without a controller, I asked a couple of my fellow writers for some suggestions of a game to play that would put the Mad Catz CTRLR to full use. The first suggestion and one that was repeated several times was to try out Real Racing 3 from the Play Store.

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I went and installed the game real quick, let the extra files download and install, flipped Bluetooth on via settings on my Motorola Moto X, and then held the power button for about 4 seconds on the Mad Catz CTRLR. Instantly it seems that everything had paired up and connected and I was ready to give this game controller a real try. Assuming I could control my race car and keep it on the track, but all that is for a different post at a later date.

As you see above, the Mad Catz CTRLR has all sorts of buttons. Not only does it have the A, B, X and Y buttons, the Start button but it also has a Back button as well as music/sound control buttons. To me personally, that’s a pretty cool and unique feature to have on a game controller. It comes in handy for various things and makes changing a song or volumes a snap.

The build quality of the Mad Catz CTRLR is pretty good in my opinion. It feels solid and holding it in your hands for long periods of time doesn’t cause problems. I’d easily compare it to my XBox360 controller as far as how comfortable it is. While it doesn’t appear to be made quite as well as the XBox360 controller due to the use of the glossy black plastic which always makes things look dirt cheap to, it still is something I enjoy using.

As stated earlier, I used the Mad Catz CTRLR with my Motorola Moto X and the good about the CTRLR is that it comes with a clip that holds a mobile phone in landscape mode which is how most games on mobiles phones are played now days. Placing the Moto X into the clip was as easy as sliding the phone into the adjustable arm and leaving it.

The clip is also removable as you’ll see in some of the images which can be extremely heavy if you’re using the Mad Catz CTRLR on a PC or with a tablet or something similar. That way you don’t have the clip attached at all times and it looks and feels just like a regular game controller. Again, something that Mad Catz thought of and did very well when putting this controller together.

Using the Mad Catz CTRLR on Real Racing 3 was quite simple and made the game much more fun than it is to play it without a controller. It just makes it feel more natural and it’s actually making me play more games on my mobile device. And for the price of just $50, it’s not like you’re spending a lot of money on something you can only use for your mobile device since you can use it on the PC as well.

Website: Mad Catz
Product: Mad Catz CTRLR Game Controller

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