When Apple came out with the lighting connector a few years ago, I was intrigued. I’ve since used it on several devices and until USB type C becomes the recognized standard, it’s going to be my favorite out there right now. That it’s reversible is enough to keep me interested. But what happens when Apple and Android users cohabitate? There are way more cables around than there need to be. You always have to take two cables with you and it’s annoying.

Or you could just buy the TYLT Flyp-Duo.

TYLT Flyp-Duo

The Flyp-Duo is a smart answer to a stupid question. The fine folks over at TYLT give us one of their high quality micro USB cables with an adapter on the end that lets you use charge up your devices with either the micro USB or Apple’s lightning connector. Way, way easier than bring multiple cables and trying to untangle.

And speaking of untangle, the cable is a flat tangle-free cable. TYLT always makes high quality products and this is no exception. The shielding on the cable is a nice thick material much like you’d find in TPU cases. Even if you take a knife to this thing it’s going to take a bit of effort to do any damage.

TYLT Flyp-Duo

The cable is 1 meter or 3.3 feet in freedom units which is enough for most people. I’d love to see this cable in longer measurements though. My brothers are notorious for carrying around their iPhone, a wall adapter and a 10 foot lightning cable. They’re on their phones on all the time and are constantly running dry but don’t want to give up functionality of actually using their phone while it charges up.

Another interesting little tidbit about the Flyp-Duo is that the USB connector is actually reversible. No more trying three times to plug in a cable.

The TYLT Flyp-Duo isn’t the cheapest cable at $25 for 3.3 feet but with a lighting connector and reversible USB along with being really durable. it’s pretty easy to justify the cost.

Product Page: Tylt Fly-Duo USB Charging Cable

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