Macgyver is known for his intriguing and inventive ways of fixing problems. Sometimes it was a bomb about to explode. Sometimes it was a little less serious. But we all know who Macgyver was because his problem solving skills were something to be admired and we all wanted to be cool like that. Well, Moshi has come up with a way to solve a common modern problem and look as cool as Macgyver doing it.

The Moshi Xync is a lighting or micro usb cable small enough to fit on your key chain, smart enough to stay out of your way and cool enough to house a secret compartment.


Moshi Xync-Black-01 - Reduced

The Moshi Xync is about as big as key fob for a car that has a micro USB or lightning cable wrapped around it and a hidden USB port in the middle. It’s not a battery on its own but it’s what is going to allow you put plug into any battery bank, computer or pretty much anything with a USB port (like a TV) and charge your phone. The possibilities are endless because of the small form factor. Eliminating the need to carry around a heavy battery just to charge up is something that is very useful for people traveling.

On the Micro USB version which I’m reviewing, the back can be removed to find a slot for a sim card removal tool and two sim card slots, one for a Micro SIM and one for a Mini SIM. This is incredibly handy for someone who moves between phones a lot. I do and let me tell you, it’s saved my bacon more than once. Even if you only use one sim card but move between phones, you can store the adapter in the compartment (size permitting) so it’s not in a bag or pocket. This thing will pay for itself in the amount of frustrating it saves you if you’re traveling internationally.

Moshi Xync-Black-06 - Reduced

The Xync definitely helps with cable management. You don’t have to carry around a cable anymore, it’s already on your keys. Another place that I found myself using this was in my car. Since I have a push to start vehicle, my keys don’t need to be glued to the ignition and I can use the Xync to plug my phone into the USB port in my car. For our Apple friends, this allows you to play music directly off your phone and in some cases Android phones will too but you’ll definitely be able to charge.

Moshi Xync-Black-05 - Reduced

One of my favorite little design features is the snap hook design. Not only is it easy like a carabiner but it’s a strong design that won’t be letting go. The body is made out of a Zinc-alloy so it’s strong and Moshi also says that it’s waterproof so if you get stuck running from your cab into a hotel, you won’t ruin your cable.


There’s a lot to love about the Moshi Xync. As always, Moshi has made a beautifully designed product. You can’t really ask for a tighter, better looking package than you get here. The ability to store a couple sim cards and sim ejection tool are clutch for travelers, especially international ones. The waterproofing just gives you one less thing to worry about.

Moshi Xync-Black-04 - Reduced

My only real problem with the Moshi Xync is the price. Retailing for $34.95 for the Micro USB and $39.95 for the Lightning version, I think it’s high. I’ve done some searches for comparable alternatives and found many cheaper options. The issue here is that every one of those options has some trade offs. None of them offer the build quality or looks of the Xync. I wasn’t able to find many that could house anything besides just the cable and USB port. The Xync is the complete package, the question for you is whether you’d like to pay less for an inferior, yet useful product or more for the complete package that Moshi has put out with the Xync.

Product Page: Moshi Xync
Twitter: Moshi

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