It’s 2015, and you’re reading a tech website. Chances are you have more than one device that charges through USB. Maybe you have, say, six? A smartphone. A tablet. A smartwatch, activity tracker, or some other wearable device. A Bluetooth speaker or gamepad. A couple external batteries. And perhaps you’d like to charge them all at once from a single hub? Well, you’re in luck! Say hello to the RAVPower RP-UC10 6-Port USB Wall Charger.

RAVPower RP-UC10

Personally, between my girlfriend and I, we have a Nexus 6, an iPhone 4, an Evo 3D, Google Glass, a Runtastic Orbit activity tracker, a Homeboy wireless security camera, a NES30 Bluetooth gamepad, a RockDoc Bluetooth speaker, a RAVPower Luster external battery, and an uNu Ultrapak Tour external battery, all of which charge through USB. Needless to say, the charging situation can get a bit complicated around here.

The Nexus 6 and Ultrapak Tour, I prefer to charge with their own wall chargers that they came with, since both feature forms of fast-charging technology that you won’t find in any currently available USB charging hub. The Homeboy currently sits atop the dashboard in my van as a wireless vehicle security system, after a neighbor experienced a break-in and attempted hotwiring of theirs, and so is charged by an inverter while I drive. That leaves six devices all lusting for electrons, just right for testing out the RAVPower RP-UC10.

So, does it do its job? In a word, yup. The RP-UC10 had no problem providing charge for all six devices, thanks to its 10A total output shared among the six ports. Even if you were to replace half of those devices with ampere-hungry tablets, the RP-UC10 should have no problem keeping up, as it features three 2.4A ports, along with three 1.0A ports. Additionally, RAVPower claims that its iSmart technology allows the charging ports to adapt to your device, automatically matching the maximum charging current designed for it, hence minimizing charging time, and in the course of my testing, I’ve found no particular reason to doubt this claim.

RAVPower RP-UC10 Bottom

At approximately 2.7x4x1.1 inches, the RAVPower RP-UC10 is quite compact and should be easy to fit in among your tech setup. It’s not overly gorgeous or anything, but a device of this nature really doesn’t have to be, and it really doesn’t look bad in any way.

At a price of only $26.99, it’s hard to go wrong with the RP-UC10. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it well, all in a nice, compact pakage. It may not change your life, but it just might bring you a bit of peace of mind, and that’s well worth the price of admission.

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