While the title may confuse you, as the power is modified by this Lumsing travel charger, it is modified in a way that is useful for all our daily mobile power needs. Charging multiple devices can be difficult, because up until recently, OEM’s have not provided plugs with multiple outputs available on their provided chargers. A lot of us have use for a charger with multiple ports and this Lumsing travel charger is an answer to the call. I know personally, I could have used this at CES last year. In my hotel room, I had my devices scattered all about the room using up all available wall plugs. So, let’s take a look at how this Lumsing travel charger can help you.

Unboxing the Lumsing travel charger is a breeze. The top flap on the standard style recycled corrugated box opens and a recyclable plastic insert pulls out with the charger placed inside. The Lumsing travel charger user’s manual and the power user program card are also inside under the charger

.lumsing travel charger left

The device has a good weight, and has a textured feel to it. The texture is a nice touch, so when you are fishing around in your bag for it, you can feel it before having to put your eyes on it. The four USB ports are opposite the power plug so they are facing straight out. The power plug connector also folds down, for easy transport. Listed on the opposite side to the Lumsing logo, it has listed devices that can be plugged into the 4 USB ports. IPhone, Android and two iPad ports are listed. The iPhone and Android ports are 1A a piece and the iPad ports are 2V ports. I tested multiple devices on each port and the charger worked very well in all regards.

Devices I have in hand are as such; iPhone 4, Moto X, Moto X (2nd edition), Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Note 3, Huawei Bluetooth speaker, RAVPower 15k mAh power bank, Anker 13k mAh power bank and a Lumsing 3000 mAh power bank. These have all been charged at least one time by the Lumsing travel charger without issue. Some of them need to be plugged into a certain port so you don’t over charge the device, so please check the manufacturers information about the specific device you are plugging in.

Lumsing travel charger right

The Lumsing travel charger makes use of some protective circuits in the device such as over voltage, over current , over temperature and short-circuit protection. If in the case of an increase in power from the outlet, the charger will disconnect power from the USB devices, as not to damage them. When charging your devices, the travel charger can become hot. The temperature protection can help by discontinuing power output until the temperature of the unit has reduced to a set value.

The ability to charge 4 things simultaneously is very important to me, both home and at work. I have a few work devices I need to charge constantly, and having this Lumsing travel charger has allowed me to charge all my devices for work and play at the same time. For a reasonable price, the Lumsing travel charger is a must have, and I would recommend it for someone with a few mobile devices that need charging via USB. Plug it into a wall outlet, line up the cords and devices and you will have fully charged devices, via one charger.

Product: Lumsing Travel Charger (Multiple Colors)

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