Considering I’m a good candidate for a vehicle mount as I’m in a work van for 8-10 hours per day, you’d think I have one. But the answer is no. I’ve relegated myself to a cupholder for my iPhone 4 and Moto X. However, Winnergear was kind enough to provide a review item for TechDissected, called the Montar. Once I received it, I was skeptical at best. Huge mistake; let me tell you why.

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Winnergear Montar Technical

This suction cup style mount is very simple. The arm from the suction cup holds a rubber coated “claw” like holster, which has very strong springs for grasping your phone or other electronics. Winnergear claims the Montar holds the strongest suction cup in the world, and is patented. The mount will accept devices up to 6″ screens, such as the HTC M8 and the LG G3. The Montar will rotate 360 degrees, so you can change your viewing angle at any time. They also claim one hand installation is possible, and that the suction cup is washable, allowing for it to become dirty and not lose its grip on the medium. It can also hold 3.5 kilograms or, a whopping 7.8 pounds!

Winnergear Montar Review

My experience with the Montar was nothing but stellar. Removing it from the packaging was the hardest part of the entire installation and set up of the Montar. Of course I can’t hold that entirely against it as there are some mounts in blister packs which are the bane of my existence. Upon its removal, the Montar was easy to figure out. Suction cup on the bottom with a connection to the grasping arms, and a lever to pull the suction cup tight to the apparatus. While some may claim rather crazy things on their packaging, the claim of one-handing the install is truth. I had no trouble one handing the install as the suction cup is extraordinarily sticky, so I had but to stick it to the glass and pull the lever. No trouble at all there.

Montar M1-600x600

Now the arms are tight, but not so much that they will damage your device. The other nice thing about the Montar is you can one hand the phone (or device) into the mount. If you place it in at an angle and push the other side in, the spring will open gradually to accept the device, nice and snug. There are some bumpy roads around my area, and my Moto X didn’t move a millimeter while it was in the holster. Since the mount is able to rotate 360 degrees, when I’m on my lunch and want to watch a video on YouTube, I can just twist the mount and continue watching in widescreen.

Montar M5-600x600

Since I wanted to try the mount in my car as well, I removed it from my van and it had some residue from the windshield. No problem, just grab a damp cloth and wipe the suction cup until it becomes sticky again. I went ahead and mounted the Montar in my car and used it as a GPS for a day without a complaint.

This mount, is without question, problem free for me. The holster part can be placed away from buttons on all the phones I’ve tested with it. It holds fast, and the suction cup might even be too strong. I would have no qualms about putting my wife’s brand new Moto X in it and driving about. The ease of installation is second to none, and find it difficult to believe the price is so low for a mount of this quality. It’s above and beyond what I was expecting, and I’m quite happy about that.

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