So many things can be done with the look of your mobile device these days, but not all of those things make it any better looking. ToastMade, on the other-hand, is a company that makes naturals on high tech look like a work of art.

Toast is the company behind the genius you will hear about throughout this review. They make natural REAL wood covers and protectors for smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. These covers contain a sticky back resin that is also easily removable with just a little heat, leaving your device just like it was before if you want to switch out covers or just take it off.

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When I received the review unit, it was in an envelope marked “fragile”, and I was very pleased with this. They even take their packaging seriously. What lies beneath the packaging is so impressive, it would be a shame to damage it by any means. Just like any piece of thin wood, you must be careful with bending and twisting.

When I took it out of the packaging, I was amazed by not only the look, but the FEEL. The utter feel of the wood. You know this is the real deal. I got the ebony wood, and I just kept feeling of the surface as if I couldn’t believe the quality.

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Putting on the cover was extremely easy. It isn’t what you’d expect. This isn’t some flimsy smartphone screen protector. You have a real feel for where this protector is going to be at all times. It isn’t going to curl in itself, like most plastics and decals will. Being real wood, it has a sturdiness to it that allows for a spot-on installation. I did it on one pass. I had no issues at all. You just align by using the already cutout holes and it goes on fairly easy.

When applying this, I also want to note to take time to really press down the corners and anywhere that has a slight bend or curve. These are the areas where the stiffness of the wood might cause an issue, if any. They do make special cuts to deal with this, which is great, but sometimes you just have give it a little coaxing. With a firm press, it should stay in it’s place.

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The price is another great thing about this protector. You can pick up one just like in this article for a mere $50. You can also add custom text for an extra $5, and even choose whether to include or exclude the chrome cutout. That isn’t a bad price at all for a real wood cover that will last. Check out this link to see all of the finishes and options they have.

I honestly believe that an old fashioned or modern wood finish will never go away. It is just so classic and classy. I hope you enjoy yours, and I am doing mine at this very moment!

Time to have a little contest for you to win your very own ToastMade Chromebook C720 skin, in the color of your choice.

You read that right folks, it’s time to have a little contest. The folks over at ToastMade have given us the chance to give one of these awesome Chromebook C720 skins away to ONE lucky winner. The rules are as follows.

To get your name entered into the hat for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below. Tell us what your favorite animated movie character is, what your favorite color is or simply tell us how awesome you think we are! It doesn’t matter what you comment with(but be nice) as you’ll automatically be entered to win.

The contest is open to EVERYONE. Yes, EVERYONE, no matter where you live on this beautiful planet of ours. We’re shipping this bad boy internationally. You have ONE WEEK, as the contest will end at 11:59pm EST on May 31st, 2014. We will then pick a winner, get your choice of colors of the skin you want, then we’ll get it in our hands and then ship it to you.

Now, stop delaying and leave us those comments and GOOD LUCK!

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