As soon as I picked up my HTC One M8, I realized that it was going to be one of those devices that needed a case. Not because I wanted to add some flair to my already sexy device, but because of how slippery it was. While I have yet to actually drop the device on concrete, or a hard floor, it has slipped out of my hand and onto my bed, or out of my hand while driving and changing my podcasts. So, once I got my M8, there was a period of time where I was still waiting to get my case from Amazon, and I went out and bought a couple of different cases from my local Best Buy.

If you’ve been paying attention to TechDissected lately, you should have seen a review and giveaway of the ToastMade Wood Cover for the Acer Chromebook. Well today, I’m taking a look at the ToastMade Wood Cover for the HTC One M8. Usually, I’m not one for skins, because I always change my cases around, and having a skin on the phone kind of defeats the purpose of having a case in general. I must say now, my opinion has DEFINITELY changed.

What You Get

The packaging for the ToastMade cover is very basic and simplistic. You get what looks like an envelope with a couple of different plastic bags stapled to the edges of the envelope. The first thing you see within the envelope is the back cover for the M8 itself, and underneath of that, are the covers for the buttons on the M8. The other plastic bag that you can find within this envelope, is the the cover for the front of the M8.

Toast Front Cover


Upon unfolding the packaging envelope, you will see the installation instructions on how to install the ToastMade cover onto your M8. Before we get into how it goes on, you may be asking how exactly this cover sticks to your M8 without causing harm to your M8. The adhesive for the ToastMade cover is a long lasting 3M adhesive, that simply peels and sticks to your device. Once you’re ready to install the ToastMade cover to the M8, be sure to clean the back and sides of the M8 with the included alcohol wipe, and dry the device with a microfiber cloth.

Before beginning to peel the backing paper, I would recommend doing a “test-installation” so that you can double check the alignment. After completing your “test-installation,” and making sure that you can line up all of the various openings on the back of your device, you can begin to peel the backing paper away from the ToastMade skin itself. ToastMade suggests that you begin peeling the backing paper away from the thin wings, and moving your way to the thicker portion of the ToastMade cover.

After adjusting the ToastMade cover, to ensure that the cover is aligned correctly, begin to press down on the cover so that the adhesive sticks to your HTC One M8. You may notice a small square in the center of the cover, and this is to protect the HTC logo from getting damaged from the adhesive tape, should you ever remove the ToastMade skin.

Toast Camera Section

Proceed With Caution

I can’t lie to you, I had some issues making sure that my ToastMade cover was aligned properly, and as it turns out, I didn’t have the edges aligned correctly. So, the bottom of the ToastMade skin ended up being in the way of the charging port, so I had to improvise. Also because of my inability to get things to line up correctly, the ToastMade covered the volume rocker, and the release for the SIM tray.

Surprisingly, the only portion of the ToastMade that actually broke, was at the bottom where my charging port is. I can only caution everyone to make sure that everything is lined up as perfect as you can get, so that you don’t run into the same issues that I did

Toast Back Cover


So while I’m in the mood of not lying to everyone, I’ll also let you in on a little secret. Cliff Wade raves about the ToastMade covers that he has received, and during the review, he also raved about how awesome the ToastMade cover was for the Acer C720 Chromebook. Even after hearing what he has to say about them, and reading the reviews, I was still a bit skeptical.

The reason why is because before I got the ToastMade for my M8 in the mail, I was worried that this cover was going to be a flimsy piece of wood, of which if I scratched with my finger nail, it would mark it up. I was surprised to find out, that I was completely, 100% wrong for thinking that. This ToastMade cover has taken an intentional beating.

I’ve thrown it on my desk at home, my desk at work, and even dropped it at my girlfriends job onto a laminate floor. Not a single dent or scratch was made. After I dropped it on the laminate floor, I was sure that there would be a dent, or something, and there wasn’t a single mark. Granted, I almost died when I dropped my brand new phone, but the phone ended up in better condition than I was.


Since this is a new product for a new device, there are bound to be some hiccups at some point in time. Well about two weeks ago, I received an email from our contact over at ToastMade stating the following:

“While we tested it short term, there seems to be some issue with the adhesive we used on the HTC M8 cover sticking a little too well over time. We have had some customers let us know too. We are recommending extreme patience and caution when removing it around the buttons and front speakers. These pieces are coming off the device upon removal. We are working to make changes to the adhesive used and remedy the problem. Like the other covers, removal is done with a hairdryer and by slowly, very slowly, peeling the wood off.”

So, I’m sure that this is only a problem with the first batch of ToastMade covers for the M8, but if you were one of those who got one, and plan to remove the Toast from your device, be sure to be EXTREMELY careful. Simply, follow the instructions that ToastMade gives with their packaging, and peel the cover off slowly after using the hair dryer to loosen the adhesive.

Toast HTC One Top Edge


All in all, the ToastMade cover has made it’s way onto my HTC One M8, and I have no plans to remove it anytime soon. As for the disclaimer above, I haven’t had a need to remove the cover, so I haven’t run into any problems with the ToastMade cover on my M8. This is a premium feeling cover, and when ToastMade states that it’s made from real wood, you can be rest assured that this is the truth.

Head on over to the ToastMade site, using the link below, to check out all the different variants of covers for all different types of devices. Be sure to head on over to the contest page for the Chromebook giveaway, and leave your comment for your chance to win.

Website: ToastMade Wood Cover HTC One M8
Twitter: ToastMade Wood Cover
Google+: ToastMade Wood Cover

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