The Moshi iGlaze line of praise has gotten a lot of praise. The iPhone 6 version sits at 4.5 stars on Amazon and there’s good reason for that. The iGlaze combines an excellent feel with great looks and a perfect amount of protection. Cases are everywhere and where you choose to vote with your wallet matters. If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on something you use so much, then you want to be sure what you’re getting works for you.

Look And Feel

Moshi iGlaze

There is where the Moshi iGlaze stands out. The beautiful brushed design on the back looks classy and simple. There are no in your face obnoxious designs. Moshi does a good job of giving you a look that gives the case some texture. The hard coating on the back really feels excellent to the touch. I constantly find myself running my fingers over the smooth design.

The Moshi iGlaze is definitely a minimalist case. There is no bulky outer shell to push a decent size phone into the large phone category. The thermopolyurethane the case is made of feels good to hold and a bit soft. Unfortunately this extends to the covering over the power and volume buttons which are a bit sticky and don’t provide the best feedback when pushed. More effort is required to push these buttons than should be required, in my opinion. Fortunately we have the home buttons to use so you can avoid some of the power button use.

Moshi iGlaze

The cut outs on the bottom of the phone are nice for access to the ports but I’d like them to be a bit softer. While definitely not in the painful category, they can get a bit uncomfortable. This generally won’t be an issue for every day use but if you’re someone who is on their phone for many hours straight then you may get a bit annoyed. The ports are cut wide enough so you won’t have any issues using any third party cables or connectors and the speaker is fully cut out.


Moshi iGlaze

I’ve talked before about form vs. function cases. Some do one really well, some do both okay. I think if you’re looking at this case you might be thinking it’s basically just a scratch deterrent but I’m really surprised how well the Moshi iVisor can take a fall. I don’t generally make it a point to throw my phone around but I do feel really comfortable with the iVisor on due to the combination of soft and strong with the case. This won’t be the case to buy if you’re a klutz but it will protect a regular amount of falls and from not high up.

There is a lip that comes over the front of the phone from scratches and small falls, although I suggest picking up an iVisor or other glass screen protector for ultimate protection. Nothing can ruin a phone quiet like a huge scratch. The Moshi iGlaze is just thick enough to protect the protruding camera sensor. Moshi says that they’ve designed the iGlaze to not be obtrusive to the flash and sensors that sit under it. Continuing the trend of “just thick enough” is the bottom of the iGlaze. The cutouts reveal just enough of the phone to use any kind of accessory you want but it’s thick enough to still provide fall protection.


Moshi iGlaze

I can’t say enough about the Moshi iGlaze. Is it my favorite case in the history of cases? No. But it does so much right that it’s hard not to recommend it. There are cheaper options but I think Moshi has done an excellent job designing a case that looks elegant, works well and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

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