Do you absolutely love the look of the new Macbook from Apple? Is the price tag and lack of ports keeping you from picking one up? Well, Moshi can help you out. They recently released their iGlaze for the Apple Macbook Pro (I have the retina version) in Satin Gold and it looks just like the new Macbook. Not only does it look good but there are a ton of advantages to using the iGlaze but lets take a look at the aesthetics first.

In a word, the iGlaze is beautiful. I have it paired with the iVisor, Palmguard and Clearguard to complete the Moshi protection lineup on my Macbook Pro. Other than the fact that my Macbook Pro is fatter than the new Macbook, it looks pretty much exactly like it. There are cut outs for the ports and the lip on the lid but other than that, it’s pretty much all Satin Gold.

Moshi iGlaze after lid

The iGlaze is seriously soft too. Softer to the touch than the aluminum of the Macbook Pro. Watch out if you’re sitting this on your legs because it may slip but it feels excellent to the touch. I can’t keep my hands off of it.

The fit is machined perfectly. There’s no wiggling around within the case which can lead to scratches. The iGlaze will definitely provide some damage protection in the case of drops. I think it’s probably more for scratch protection (and it’s also hard to scratch the iGlaze) but I’d much rather have the iGlaze crack or splinter than have my Macbook Pro take that damage.

Moshi iGlaze after right thickness

One of the major downsides, in my opinion on cases like this is bulk. I hate bulk. There is a reason that a specific device has a specific design and I don’t want it to be one millimeter or one ounce heavier. Luckily the iGlaze is almost as small as the Macbook itself. It feels strong so it does provide that protection I talked about but it doesn’t bulk up the body. The slots for the ports and vents are machined perfectly.

I definitely will be keeping the iGlaze on my Retina Macbook Pro long term. Yeah, it’s a little more slippery but it also feels fantastic and looks even better. If you’re someone who does a lot of writing out in public, I definitely recommend you pick one of these up to protect from those scratches you may pick up from taking it all over the place.

Product Page: Mosi iGlaze for Retina Macbook Pro

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