Today we’re going to take a look at a couple of accessories for the recently released LG G4. Bodyguardz has sent over a Tempered Glass Screen Protector, the Screenguardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector and A Carbon Fiber wrap, the Armor Carbon Fiber. Together they aim to keep your new LG G4 looking beautiful and keeping it protected. We’ll investigate how well the screen protector covers the phone and if putting a carbon fiber wrap on your leather backing is a good idea.

Screenguardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector

A Tempered Glass Screen protector is absolutely the first accessory I buy when I get a new phone. I think they’re vital to keeping my phones in the best condition I can. I’ve learned the hard way too many times that forgetting some coins in your pocket will cost you in the long term, especially if you buy and sell a lot of phones like I do. So a $20 or $30 investment in a good screen protector ends up paying off in the long run. Now, I want to preface everything I’m about to say by pointing out a lot of LG G4 owners are having touch response issues on their units. I don’t have an issue until I put a screen protector on mine. I’ve tried three different kinds, and that includes this one, and I’ve had trouble with all three. Not all users report the same issues (some have the issue without screen protectors, some don’t have a problem at all ever) but I definitely do. So if you buy one of these, please be aware that you may experience some issues. It may be your phone.

The screen protector feels great. It does feel like real glass. Cool to the touch with no added lag to dragging your finger across the screen. I did have an issue with mine cracking near the top of the screen when applied. It’s purely cosmetic but it’s there. And annoying. Watch out for that when you’re applying yours. I have no doubt that it will continue to protect the phone but it’ll eventually become an issue when it breaks even more. The screen protector covers almost the entire phone leaving barely any room on the sides that isn’t covered. I’d definitely give it a 9.5 in terms of area covered.  This includes going all the way to the bottom of the phone where the LG logo and lower bezel is, not just stopping where the screen is.

Getting everything applied was a bit of a pain in the ass, to be honest. My wife normally applies screen protectors and skins for me since she has steadier hands than I do so she took some notes for me. First off, the box is glued with no logical opening. Needlessly difficult to get in to. In the directions, it says there’s a wet wipe included, yet in my package there was none. These wet wipes are very important to getting all of the dust off the screen before application so this is a pretty big oversight. Additionally, the directions were printed VERY small and hard to read. There’s definitely room for improvement here.

What we did like was the cleaning cloth was bigger than normal and makes cleaning off the screen MUCH easier. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, making sure the screen is clean is very important and this made it much easier. Also they added two dust removing stickers to get those difficult pieces which was great. We ended up needing both so that was very helpful.

Armor Carbon Fiber

The big question for me is, is it a good idea to put a skin on my leather backing for the LG G4. I’ll get to that in a second, first a few words about the quality of the product.

The Armor Carbon Fiber skin definitely feels great and I think looks even better. Even though there’s a hump on the leather backing that it has to travel over you barely notice it unless you’re looking from the top or bottom of the phone. Since it’s black it hides any kind of raise in the skin. It comes with four smaller pieces for the sides, top and bottom. The cut outs are done well and don’t interfere with power or audio accessories. The skin you apply to the back of the phone is cut so you can see a little bit of your battery cover so if you have the leather back it’ll be pretty obvious. Probably less so with the plastic backing. I think the brown leather actually gives a pretty nice contrast to the black carbon fiber skin so I don’t mind this, but some will.

I took the Armor Carbon Fiber off and there were no side effects to the leather on my G4. I only had it on there about two weeks so I can’t speak to how it’ll affect being on longer than that but I wouldn’t have a problem keeping it on there for long periods of time. I don’t think it’ll ruin the leather.

Bodyguardz Screen Protector And Wrap Conclusion

Bodyguardz has put out two quality products. Despite the minor touch sensitivity issues, the screen protector stays on my phone until this day and will only come off so I can review others. I had a good experience with the Armor Carbon Fiber and even though I don’t have it on my phone anymore I do recommend them if that’s the look you’re going for. There are cheaper brands out that there that you can find but I can speak to the quality of the Armor Carbon Fiber and say that it’s a high quality product.

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