If you follow TechDissected on a regular basis, or interact with any of the team members on any social network, you will notice that Bret Smith loves selfies. The idea of taking a selfy nowadays is at the forefront of everything. Whether you go onto Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and especially Instagram, everyone takes selfies. I’m a non-photogenic person, so it’s extremely rare when you see a new picture of myself post on any social media network. That leads us to today’s review.

Today we are taking a look at the Selfy case from iLuv, for the iPhone 5S. We know that sometimes taking selfies can be irritating and difficult. You need to make sure that you don’t make the screen shake at all when you either tap the screen, or click the volume rocker, and at least with me, the picture is almost never perfect. You can almost always see that there is some type of blur in the photo, somewhere.

Selfy Case And Remote

iLuv has seemed to perfect this technique with the Selfy case. The Selfy is a shock-absorbing, dual-layer case that happens to have a handy dandy attachment on the back of it. This attachment is where taking pictures, selfies, or group shots, or anything else. Once you’ve taken the Selfy out of the packaging, you have what seems to be, a bulky case, with this weird button on the back. If you take another look at the back of the case, you’ll see the outline of the remote itself.

Selfy Remote

Selfy Case Back

The remote is extremely easy to slide in and out, and in order to do this, just slide the remote towards the bottom of the device, and voila. Something nice that iLuv did, so you can’t lose the remote easily, is made the remote have a bump on it so that you can snap it back into place when you’re done using it. In order to connect this remote to your iPhone, we have some good news. There is no need for an extra application from anybody to get this up and running. Simply go to your bluetooth menu, hit the button on the remote to “turn it on,” and pair the Selfy remote with your phone. Once that’s done, you are ready to use the remote to take any pictures you want to.

Does It Protect

Selfy Case Side View

In terms of the Selfy case itself, iLuv states that Selfy is shock-absorbent, and they definitely hit the nail right on the head. The outer edges of the Selfy are a soft rubber material, so that makes it easy to put the case on. Taking the case off, however, is not as easy. Since the back of the case holds the Selfy remote, there is a hardened plastic on the backside, that can get in the way of taking the case off. There were more than just a few times that I thought to myself, “I think iLuv never wants anyone to use anything but the Selfy.” While I tried to find some comedic relief in the situation, trying to take the Selfy case off, was still somewhat difficult. The interior of the Selfy is made out of the same material as the outer edges, and this provides some extra protection from drops. I must say, I did accidentally drop this case a few times, just because it is a heavy case, and I was using my phone naked before. The Selfy survived like a champ, and no, I don’t have a cracked screen. (Nice try, Bret.)

Picture Time

Now for taking pictures. Like I mentioned above, the purpose of Selfy is to make it easier to not only take those selfies, but also to possibly allow people to jump into those friends/family portraits. Of course, you would need to either have the iPhone sitting on something sturdy, like a tripod or mount, but the Selfy would allow you to be able to be a part of that group shot from guys weekend, or the yearly Holiday picture you’re never in. It was actually quite nice being able to take a couple of random pictures, and planned pictures, without having to worry about whether I was going to shake my phone when tapping the screen, or using the volume rocker.

Selfy Slogan

Not Just A Camera

Something that hasn’t been mentioned yet, are the different accessories that can be used with the Selfy. On the iLuv store, there are five other accessories that can be used with the Selfy case, such as a helmet mount, mini tripod, and even a car mount. While I haven’t used any of these add-on accessories, I can promise you that I more than likely will be getting the Mini Tripod at some point in the future, just to have. The Selfy can really be the one stop shop for anything that you need in terms of videos or pictures, and since there’s even a car mount, the possibilities are endless. If you look at the Selfy page at the bottom, you can see the different options, and there is even an empty box with a “Coming Soon” sign within it, so who knows what iLuv is coming out with next.

Conclusion And Pricing

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by the Selfy case, even if I never do take any selfies. If you’re interested in picking up the Selfy from iLuv, you can do so from the link found below. If you already own the Selfy case for your iPhone, let us know in the comments what you think about it, and what you would actually use the Selfy for. Currently, there are three other models of the Selfy case available from iLuv, the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. The iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 cases are available for $49.99, while the iPad Mini case is $69.99, and the iPad Air case is $79.99.

Website: iPhone 5S Selfy Case
Website: Selfy Case
Twitter: iLuv

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