So you’ve hit, and you’ve looked at your local Best Buy, but you just haven’t found a phone stand for you. Well I’ve come across one, and its a winner. The Breffo Spiderpodium has won me over in many regards, one being its versatility, and two being its uniqueness. Let me show you what I mean.

spiderpodium webshotIt looks a bit odd, no? That’s because it is really. All of those arms (legs I suppose too) are movable in any direction around the center section. This allows for an unbelievable amount of configurations of phones and surface types you can use this with. There are even guides on the website on how to mount it in your air vents in your car for a quick holder. Who needs suction cups on your windshield?

The versatility of the Spiderpodium was evident on my first day out with it. Since I’m on the road all day, and my truck is my office, having things in their place is very important. Its quite common for me to browse the web, listen to podcasts, or watch YouTube videos during my lunch breaks. So, very quickly and easily, I can move the Spiderpodium between the two positions, one on my cupholder, and one hanging from my steering wheel.

As you can see, that is my Moto X in the Spiderpodium, looking comfortable and utilitarian. On the cupholder picture, I can leave that in place and drive around, which is also nice. I’ve seen them used as phone holders hanging off a monitor, like a webcam, and I’ve used mine on my bedside table, so the alarm is easily swiped away when I don’t want to get up yet. The variety of phones it works with is impressive considering its seemingly small size. My wife has a Note 2, and Note 3 which it works well with and I have my work iPhone with an industrial style case on it, which is also compatible.

A word of caution however. I would suggest that you do not give this to a child to “keep them busy” as my wife’s was broken by a friend who will remain nameless. It only took them about 3 minutes to break one of the legs, and they are metal inside, which could cause cuts or punctures.

For the price, which may I say is even cheaper if you like some of the colors, you won’t find a more versatile stand than the Breffo Spiderpodium. It’s ability to hang from things, wrap around things, and stand up on things, is only matched by it holding any phone I’ve thrown at it. Over time, it will wear out (or in three minutes, depending on your friend), so be mindful of that. I’m very happy with mine, and I’ve ordered another for the missus, and I suggest you have a look at this fantastic product.

Product: Breffo Spiderpodium


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