One of the first things I do after getting a new phone is start looking for cases and screen protectors. It’s almost as fun for me as buying the new phone in the first place. In the past couple of months I always turn to two companies almost immediately. Spigen for their Neo Hybrid line and recently Caseology’s Bumper Frame case has become a huge favorite. Combining looks, protection and an attractive price tag, Caseology has put out one of our favorite case lines in recent memory.


Caseology Carbon Fiber Black Note 4 2

Unlike some ugly cases, Caseology’s Bumper Frame case is understated in it’s beauty. A more reserved look is appreciated it in a case industry when crazy graphics and obnoxious design choices are more about getting noticed than protecting the phone. 7 different color options are offered in this line including the Carbon Fiber Black and Charcoal Black that we’re taking a look at today along with Leather Burgundy Red, Metalic Mesh Silver (which looks awesome), Carbon Fiber White, Copper Gold and Leather Black. All offerings are offset but a contrasting colored bumper frame. The bumper is just big enough on the phone to add some color and contrast but not overpower the really cool colors and design choices on the back. Honestly I could stare at the Carbon Fiber backing under direct light forever for the cool effect that comes off of it.


The Note 4 is a pretty huge phone. For a person like myself that tries at all costs to use his phones one handed, any case on a big phone is pretty much going to be a killer. While this is the case with Caseology’s Bumper Frame it’s not as bad as it may appear. Yes, it’s bulk but not so much that I don’t want to pick up my phone anymore. All my buttons are still easily usable thanks to very clicky buttons on the sides for the power and volume rocker. The bottom cut outs are a bit of a bitter sweet situation. Everything is cut out and in the right position and the micro USB cut out is wide enough that third party chargers should have no problem here if the head is a little tall or wide but the S-Pen cut out is a bit annoying because the silver part of the S Pen drags on the case a bit. It should never get stuck, but it’s annoying every time I try to use it. Also the cut outs are pretty sharp. This may go away with repeated use but it’s uncomfortable to hold one handed with my pinky resting at the bottom of the phone.

Luckily, the positives outweigh the negatives here. The sides come up just enough to protect in case of a downward facing fall but not so high that it prevents you from using swipe features which seem to be everywhere in Android these days. The cutout around the camera and heartbeat sensor a good size and it’s sloped heading up to the sensor so it’s easy to find where you’re going without having to flip the phone around and look. While the case is somewhat slick on the back, I think this will go away over time. It already has in the few weeks I’ve been using it. Watch out if you have a pair of headphones that has a fat connection neck or one that’s at an angle because the cut out here is pretty deep so you may have some issues getting a connection there.


Caseology Carbon Fiber Black Note 4 9

If you’re not going to go a full protection route like an Otterbox, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t go with the Caseology Bumper Frame. It’s not only really sturdy but it covers all parts of the phone with deep cutouts so it’s going to be hard to get anything into a port or damage them unless you’re trying to. Obviously this creates some issues like we listed earlier with the S-Pen and headphone cut outs but I think Caseology struck a good balance of protection and convenience. This thing is sold enough to protect against falls of a normal height. Don’t go drop it out of a third story window and expect your phone to survive, although with this case on it, it just might. The polyurethane Caseology used here is really resistant to scratches too so this is going to stay looking good while it protects your phone.

Caseology’s Bumper Frame Conclusion

I hate bulk. I hate it. Hate hate hate. Phones are made to be slim and sexy and not bulky. Then Caseology goes and makes a case that adds a little bulk to the shiny new Note 4 I bought and I think to myself “I love their cases but… the bulk!”. Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I try to be pretty unbiased when I review products but you should absolutely go buy a Caseology Bumper Frame case if you’re in the market for a Note 4 case.

My phone might be a bit bigger than it was when I pulled it out of the box but I have all the confidence in the world that my clumsy self wont scratch up the cool metal frame of phone or destroy the backing. At the time of writing, Caseology’s Bumper Frame case sits at $13.99 with free prime shipping on Amazon and you’re not going to get the protection and looks from anywhere else that you are with Caseology.

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