Moshi is known for it’s premium products so when they gave me the chance to review some more of their products, I jumped at the chance. I absolutely loved iGlaze Armour Case as well as the iVisor for the iPhone 6 and Note 4 and the Kameleon is no different.

Look And Feel

Moshi Kameleon

The first thing that stands out when looking at the back of the case is the kick stand. Now, other companies have put cheapo kickstands on their cases to make media viewing in landscape easier but like everything else Moshi does, theirs is premium. With a satisfying click, the kick stand snaps into place and holds your phone either in landscape mode or in portrait at a slight angle. The kick stand is made out of what appears be aluminum and feels premium and well constructed to the touch.

The back of the case is covered by what feels like a leather but other color cases do appear to have a different texture. Inside the case the phone is cradled by a microfiber lining that is very soft but may pick up dirt easily. Honestly that’s not a huge concern on the INSIDE of a case since it’s not normally seen but it’s worth at least pointing out.


Moshi Kameleon

The Kameloen is held together by a light TPU case that provides some good fall protection. Moshi continues the industry trend of raising a lip above the screen for face down protection. If you have a glass screen protector like the iVisor then your case and screen protector are going to come pretty close to the same height while providing protection over the entire phone.

All the important ports are exposed here while still being protected. The Kameleon protects the top and bottom of the phone unlike cases like the official Apple Leather Case but gives us nice cut outs to access everything we need. The case isn’t very bulky so the cut outs for the lighting port, headphone jack and mute switch are pretty easily accessible.


Moshi Kameleon

Everything Moshi does screams premium. The backing of the phone is a nice white leather. I’m not sure if it’s premium leather or another material that just feels and looks like it but it feels great in the hand. It’s important that cases look good while protecting the case to a large portion of buyers and Moshi definitely delivers with the Kameleon.

Some manufacturers are forced to either bulk up their cases to get the kick stand to lay flat or have the kick stand protrude outside the case. Moshi chose the second route. Instead of bulking up the case, the stand sticks out a little bit and you can feel it when you’re hold it but it’s not that big of a deal, at least to me. It feels like a metal band running along the bottom of the case but the metal feels pretty good.

If you’re looking for a premium case that looks a great and makes media viewing a breeze, this just may be the case for you.

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