I’ve had the I-Venstar S407 unit for review for just about a month now. This is a solid value and great indoor speaker setup. I’ve also been review the I-Venstar S203, it’s a slight favorite over this one, but only slight. This unit is on sale now at Amazon for $35.99 and that’s a GREAT deal.

Venstar S407 - A Solid Value for Solid Sound


It’s 7.9 X 2.2 X 3.2 inches and 0.8 pounds in weight. The Bluetooth device can be connected from 35 feet away. All formats of audio file from TF card/SD card and USB storage device via the sockets at the rear side of the speaker. 3.5mm audio line in and USB input acceptable. Support MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and FLAC format. FM radio and Bluetooth status as well as battery level.

Venstar S407 - Plenty Of Input/Output Options

In The Box

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Charger cable
  • Audio Line
  • User Manual


First impressions for me were a bit challenged. But I’m a rare breed that actually reads the directions. These directions look to have been copied/pasted right from Google Translate; they’re more than a bit difficult to understand. In fact, I pretty much gave up and just started poking around the speaker to figure it out. That, it turns out, is quite easy to do. As you move from the various input modes you’re greeted with both an LED display behind the front grill and the lilting voice of an asian man calling out the input mode you’ve selected. The accent is unmistakable and worth a giggle at first. It’s not terrible, easy enough to understand, just not expected…kind of a treat when you get used to it. The speaker gets plenty loud. I used it both in our house and in our car. It sounds better in the house than in the car. The range is solid and full. If you’re an audiophile, this isn’t likely the speaker for you, it’s not perfect but I do think it’s good for everyone else. I know I’m going to continue to enjoy it.


On the top of the unit are the six buttons you use to interact with the speaker. From left to right: Mode, Pwr/Play/Pause/BT, Rev, FFwd, Vol+, and Vol-. On the right and left sides there is nothing. The bottom reveals a battery door. on the back are the ports. You’ll find USB, MicroSD, Line In, and MicroUSB. The standard USB port can be used to charge a device, like your phone. The MicroUSB port is for charging and the other ports are for obvious reasons, LineIn and MicroSD.

Final Thoughts

Like I said before, I’ve had this unit for a month and I have really enjoyed using it. If you decide to pick up this speaker you’ll be buying a quality Bluetooth speaker with exceptional sound and even better value. If you don’t already have one or want to pick one up for a spare room, this is the unit you’re looking for.

Product Site: Amazon I-Venstar S407

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