We all love music and TDK Life on Record set out to put out a compelling Bluetooth speaker with high quality sound for a compelling price with their TREK 360 that would blow other speakers out of the water. I’m constantly one that is listening to music. I just picked up a pair of Sennheiser’s HD598 and a pair of Audio Technica ATH M50x as I’m trying to move more from the everyday $50 pair of earbuds into more of an audiophile-type environment, so this review of the TREK 360 comes at a perfect time.

First Thoughts

TDK Trek 360

When you first take a look at the TREK 360 I think what stands out the most is it’s refined style. Sporting an all black body and grill with a silver volume knob and two silver speakers, as well as a black handle on top, there isn’t a lot that stands out about the TREK 360. Some speakers will add crazy colors and lighting that supposedly help get your party started, the TREK 360 focuses on function rather than over the top fashion.


Nothing is over the top here. The TREK 360 opted for a black body with no other options for body colors. The two silver buttons are flanked by blue LED lights indicating whether you’re connected through bluetooth or the aux port and whether you’re controlling the treble or bass. The big silver knob on the left of the face is surrounded by a series of LEDs giving you a visual representation when you turn the volume up on the speaker and how high the treble and bass are when you adjust them.

The handle up top is not the prettiest thing in the world but TDK Life on Record has done a really nice job of making it as minimal as possible without the build quality taking a hit. The handle is a necessity because while the cube isn’t huge, there’s nowhere to really grab onto the speaker when you’re on the go. The speaker is wrapped with a hard, black grill that looks excellent. When you get to the back you’ll be greeted by hole for the ported subwoofer and a black rubber stopper covering the ports for the power button, aux port, USB port (more on this later) and DC port.

Sound And Performance

The TREK 360 sports 4 speakers in an omnidirectional design so sitting in the center of a party or living room will deliver rich quality to all corners of the room. The range of sound on this thing is great. We’re not only taking into account that the sound is loud enough to fill several rooms but the sound quality is top notch. I definitely heard sounds in the same songs I’ve been listening to for years that I’ve never heard before due to using poor quality speakers and headphones.

I will say it isn’t the loudest speaker I’ve ever come across but I do like that they haven’t sacrificed sound quality at upper volumes just to pump up the volume. It will definitely be loud enough to be the main source of music in a setting like a family reunion or birthday party but you may have to rethink your strategy if you’re attending something like a block party where it’s open air with a lot of people. I plan to make this our main speaker this summer when we go to the beach for our small group of friends and family since we’ll be in a small area outside.

A feature that the TREK 360 has that I feel a lot of speakers are really lacking is the ability to adjust the bass and treble on the unit itself. It honestly makes a huge difference. If you’re using an android phone you can go through the trouble of EQ’ing your phone through third party apps and hackery but if you’re using an iPhone I believe you’re out of luck here on a system-wide level.

TREK 360 Conclusion

TDK Life on Record has really tried to put out the complete package here. We have a sub $200 speaker that puts out great sound quality, has excellent build quality and is IPX3 rated for splash protection. While this isn’t a perfect speaker it gets close. There’s no indicator for how much battery life you have left, it doesn’t include a mic so when someone calls, you have to use your phone instead of using the speaker, it’s a little heavy at 5.7 LBS and we’d like to see an included remote but these are all minor inconveniences.

I love to use this speaker while working around my house. Not only does it get loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms but the bluetooth range is also great even though several, thick walls in my house. Some users have reported that the speaker has dropped the bluetooth connection a few times but in my 20-30 hours of using the TDK Life on Record TREK 360, I’ve never had that issue.

The battery life is another positive here. I’m getting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours on a charge which is good considering the high quality audio and bass that is being put out by the TREK 360. This doesn’t include any time charging my phone on the USB port on the back of the speaker. That may reduce your battery life. You can get better battery life out of other speakers but almost none will approach the sound quality that you’ll get here in a small package.

The TDK Life on Record TREK 360 is an excellent speaker at any price point and I definitely recommend it.

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