There are plenty of inexpensive Bluetooth speakers out there, but few that are built to handle bike rides, showers, and speakerphone calls, in addition to all the regular speaker duties. The $29.90 Divoom Airbeat 10 does all of the above, and for less than speakers that aren’t as versatile. It won’t impress lovers of big bass, but audio quality is otherwise strong. And while you can find a better Bluetooth speaker if you’re willing to pay more, for the price, you won’t find one this well rounded.


The Divoom Airbeat 10 Bluetooth Speaker measures only 3.1 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces. The Divoom Airbeat 10 Bluetooth Speaker comes in four color options: Sky Blue, Passion Red, Pearl White and Smart Black. The speaker has a hard plastic housing with rubber enclosures on the back and sides that are IPX4 water resistant.

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The speaker comes with both a bike mount and a suction cup that screw securely into the back panel of the Divoom Airbeat 10. Since I’m not one that likes to ride bikes and therefore don’t even own one, I couldn’t test the bike mount but I can tell you that it looks and feels decently made and that it would probably be quite sturdy.

The suction cup on the Divoom Airbeat 10 is surprisingly strong and I discovered that it latches on to most any surface and does so very well. Trying to pull it off of the shower wall wasn’t all that easy and usually on a surface like that suction cups can be quite easy to remove.

On top of the Divoom Airbeat 10 is a little hand grip that you can use to hand it on a shower caddy, hang it from a hook or even tie a string or rope around it and hang it from most anywhere else. All sorts of various options which make the Divoom Airbeat 10 easy to place most anywhere you want it for the best sound possible.

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All the physical controls are located on the left side of the speaker, indicated by four embossed logos. The Power button at the top is self-explanatory, while the Play button below it also serves to pause music, answer and reject incoming calls, and activate Bluetooth pairing mode. The two volume controls below that also let you change tracks. The buttons themselves are recessed, so they can be a little tricky to find, but overall I didn’t have much of a problem.

There’s a covered micro USB charging port on the bottom of the speaker, and you get an attractive 10-inch charging cable. You’ll also find a 3.5mm input port here, and Divoom includes a 3.5mm cable, so you can connect audio sources that lack Bluetooth. The built-in 500mAh battery is good for up to six hours of playback, though that’ll depend on how loudly you play your music.

Performance And Sound Quality

The sound and audio quality won’t blow you away compared to a lot of other speakers, however it is of decent quality. As long as you don’t listen to it with the volume on full blast, the sounds won’t get distorted. Listening on normal volumes your music will sound good, even while in the shower with the water running.

Don’t expect a lot of bass from the Divoom Airbeat 10 as that’s certainly not what it’s intended for. Focus for the Divoom Airbeat 10 is on the mids and the highs. One thing to note is that Divoom states if you use the suction cup to place the Divoom Airbeat 10 up against a flat surface that it will enhance the bass response a bit. This happens to actually be true, and while you do notice a difference, it’s not very much.

For someone wanting a speaker to use in a small room or on office with other co-workers close by as to not disturb them, then the Divoom Airbeat 10 is something worth checking into as that’s where you’ll find it has the best sound quality in my opinion.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

You can find the Divoom Airbeat 10 starting around $29.90 up to $44.99 and in my opinion that’s not a very bad price for what you will get. It’s got decent sound quality and the fact that you can take it into the shower or out by the pool and not have to worry about the water ruining it makes it that much more worth it.

It’s not the greatest speaker around, but it’s not intended to be at the price point it’s offered at. It’s more about convenience and portability with it’s small size and being able to place it just about anywhere thanks to the bike mount, the suction cup and the little handle on the top. Definitely something I’d recommend to anyone looking for a sub $100 speaker.

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