London-based Cambridge Audio is classy at least by looking at their quality built speakers. You can tell just by their name; anytime you put Cambridge in a name, it usually draws a bit of attention. But in Cambridge Audio’s case it’s because of products like the Minx GO, an entry-level Bluetooth speaker that keeps CA’s attention to quality built products even at a lower price range.

At $150, the Minx GO rides in decidedly dodgier circles than Cambridge Audio’s similarly styled Minx Air 100 and Minx Air 200 Airplay speakers, which are priced around the $500 mark. Although the Minx GO is much smaller and doesn’t use the Airplay technology, it does boast similar features to its cousins such as a class-D amplifier and Cambridge Audio’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing(DSP), and it adds the convenience of up to 18 hours of rechargeable battery life. Wondering what Cambridge Audio could offer at such a slim price point in one of the most competitive categories in audio, I paired the Minx GO to my device and set my ears to critical mode.

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The Specs And Features

  • Bluetooth technology
  • AC or battery powered
  • Aux input (3.5mm)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • High quality class-D amplifier
  • Recharggeable lithium-ion battery(18 hours of battery life)
  • Auto Power Down(APD) after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • USB charging port
  • Available in gloss black and gloss white finishes
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Stream music from your Apple, Android or Bluetooth devices
  • Listen to your favorite Internet radio stations
  • Incredible, room-filling sound
  • Sleek design built to last

First Impressions

My first impression when I pulled the Cambridge Audio Minx GO out of the box was that it looked expensive. I’m talking some where around the $300 expensive mark. Pulling the sleek, all-black device from its box, I discovered smooth lines of hard plastic, lacquered in a thick coat of black gloss. On the front side was a superb quality metal speaker screen that matched the rest of the product. The back was just as glossy black as the rest of the device with a few openings for various inputs such as the USB port, 3.5mm audio jack and other necessary stuff. The bottom had a nice, spongy rubber base plate with a rotating fin to keep the device firmly in place and keeping it from sliding around on various surfaces.

While the Cambridge Audio Minx GO weighs in at only 2.4 pounds, the quality of the build makes it feel slightly heavier, giving you the sense that this is indeed a high quality made speaker system. Then throw in that inside the box you’ll also find a nice black, all cloth carrying bag, you just get the sense That Cambridge Audio spends a bit of extra money to deliver a great product to their customers.

Product Design

I’ve seen a lot of Bluetooth speakers in my several years of writing online and I have to admit, Cambridge Audio makes some of the best quality looking products that I’ve come across. With a trio of dimpled keys across the top, including two volume keys and a power/pair button, everything is easily accessible for setting up and controlling the CA Minx GO.

 With the price tag of $150, you expect to not have the greatest quality sound from a speaker like the Minx GO. With that being said, Cambridge Audio did a decent job with this speaker.

To turn the device on, you simply press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds and the Minx GO will power up in no time. Then to pair the device, you will need to double-tap the power button to put it into Bluetooth pairing mode. However, this wasn’t necessary for me since I turned the Minx GO on and it instantly paired with my Moto X as I had Bluetooth enabled on my phone. A very quick and seamless process that just couldn’t get any easier.

One the back left side of the Minx GO is a small input panel, where the USB charging port for smartphone is located, a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack, and the charging port. Beneath the surface, the speaker holds a quintet of drivers, including two ¾-inch titanium dome tweeters, dual two-inch ‘woofers’, and the rear-firing bass radiator plate at the back.

Packed with a lithium-ion battery that Cambridge Audio states will give you an 18-hour battery life on one charge, this makes for a great speaker to take with you on a road trip or to have out by the pool for the neighborhood pool party. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more compact for your work desk, then the Cambridge Audio Minx GO would work quite nicely.

Sound Quality And Performance

With the price tag of $150, you expect to not have the greatest quality sound from a speaker like the Minx GO. With that being said, Cambridge Audio did a decent job with this speaker. It has decent sound quality but you can definitely tell there is some background noise, especially when connected via Bluetooth which we all know isn’t the greatest connection type in the world.

Cambridge Audio Minx GO Bluetooth Speaker Image 3

I listen to all different genre’s of music ranging from Alternative, Country, Pop and even some Classical and Jazz tunes. And when playing the heavier stuff like Alternative, the Minx GO doesn’t have the greatest sound quality. It’s not bad by any means, it just can’t handle the loud, obnoxiousness so to speak.

 I’ve seen a lot of Bluetooth speakers in my several years of writing online and I have to admit, Cambridge Audio makes some of the best quality looking products that I’ve come across.

When listening to Country, things were slightly better. The only issue is that surprisingly to most people, today’s Country music happens to have quite a bit of bass to it in a lot of songs. Where the sound quality was at it’s best was with the Classical and Jazz genre of music. Not a lot of bass, not a lot of crazy sounds and such and just made for an overall pleasant experience.

When I say the things above, I’m by no means stating that the Cambridge Audio Minx GO has terrible or even lacking sound quality. As with most speakers, it has its areas that it performs better than others. By no means do I use the Minx GO for only Jazz or Classical music listening days. I have used it for weeks and for the most part I listen to Alternative music, such as Staind, Linkin Park, Godsmack and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Final Thoughts

Apart from excessive noise in the connection, Cambridge Audio’s Minx GO offered performance far beyond what I was really expecting from a speaker in this price range. The Minx GO’s beautiful, high quality design, smooth and powerful sound signature, and impressive battery life makes it one of the best performers in the market under the $200 price point that I’ve gotten the chance to review. While it may not be the most travel friendly device of the bunch, those who appreciate good sound and design will definitely want to spend some time with the Minx GO from Cambridge Audio.

Website: Cambridge Audio Products
Product: Cambridge Audio Minx GO(Black)
Product: Cambridge Audio Minx GO(White)

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