I’m always looking for new ways to add various things to my PC such as more USB ports or something similar. In fact, Inateck has sent me a PCI-e card for adding more USB 3.0 ports as well as a desktop USB charger that I have reviewed just recently. This time around they have sent me the Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB 3.0 HUB With Ethernet Converter which is an interesting little gadget if I might say so myself.

The top of the hub where the 3 USB 3.0 ports are located have a shiny metal case around the ports and this adds a nice flair in design and gives the hub a premium feeling. The hub did not look out of place plugged into my Microsoft Surface Pro or my Chromebook which is what I mainly used to test the Inateck HBU3VL3-4  USB HUB. Surprisingly there are no rubber feet or anything similar on the bottom of the Inateck HBU3VL3-4 like with other products of theirs, but this actually doesn’t seem to be a problem because this actual product seems to have just enough weight to it that keeps it from sliding around on a slick surface like my computer desk.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what the advantage is of the Inateck HBU3VL3-4 HUB other than to give you more USB 3.0 ports. What it actually allows you to do is to connect a device that doesn’t have an Ethernet connection or a broken Ethernet connection, to a wired source for getting a better connection than the currently available WiFi wherever you are. For example, my Microsoft Surface Pro is WiFi only and hooking the Inateck HBU3VL3-4  HUB up to the USB port on the Surface Pro, this allows me to not only have 3 USB ports, but I can then plug in my Ethernet connection from my house and possibly have much better internet speeds.

Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB HUB Image 1

I have really been enjoying this Inateck HBU3VL3-4 HUB while using it with my Surface Pro simply because while I do get good WiFi speeds here at home, my wired connection is of course a bit faster, and often a bit more stable and doesn’t seem to drop or cut out at all. The WiFi connection does from time to time, but not often, so this helps prevent that from happening.

As I mentioned above, I’ve reviewed a few other Inateck products, and while they may be priced cheap, it’s safe to say that’s certainly not the case with the previous items nor with this Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB HUB. Normally priced at $39.99, you can pick one up from the link below for just $22.99 which is a great deal for what you’re going to get.

You’ll get a good quality product that is light weight, but easy to use and very portable and also happens to look quite nice and not bulky or ugly and totally out of place as it sits there on your computer desk or nightstand or whatever.

Website: Inateck Products
Product: Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB 3.0 HUB W/ Ethernet Converter

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