Having a smartphone is good and well, but it’s hard to get much work done as you can’t see what you’re doing on such a tiny screen. The same is true even with a tablet, thanks to the keyboard taking up much of the screen space. If you like to be productive even when you’re away from your desk, then having a Bluetooth keyboard would aid your productivity ten fold. Of course, the real challenge is finding the right keyboard for you, as there are a myriad of options out there. We want something that works well, is cheap, and fits our aesthetics. Today we’re going to take a look at yet another product from Inateck and this one is the Inateck BK1001E Bluetooth keyboard.

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Inateck BK1001E Design

The Ultra-Slim keyboard is perfect if you’re looking for a really thin keyboard to pair with your mobile device. At just 4 mm thick at its deepest point, the BK1001E can be easily tucked into a bag or even a loose sleeve along with any tablet, mobile phone or even a laptop.

The Inateck BK1001E Bluetooth Keyboard is designed to work with pretty much any type of computer, tablet or smartphone, so don’t be surprised that it has “Win” and “IE” keys on it. However, the top row of the keyboard is set up with most of the standard keys that you’d use for special functions on an something like an iPad or most of your Android type tablets.

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Who is the Inateck BK1001E designed for? Frankly, it can be used by anyone with any type of computing device, and the low price tag makes it a good candidate as a spare keyboard. I found the keys to be acceptable, with a surprising amount of play considering just how thin the keyboard is. As with most keyboards today, the F and J keys are marked with a subtle bump to tell you where to put your index fingers.

One good thing I noticed about this keyboard is that all of the keys are in the places in which they are meant to be. Such things as your arrow keys and various others can be found in different, quite annoying, locations on other keyboards, but Inateck puts them exactly where they need to be.

Inateck Bk1001E Performance

The Inateck BK1001 Bluetooth keyboard just simply works. Pairing it with my Microsoft Surface Pro, Nexus 7 2012 or even my Motorola Moto X 2nd generation mobile phone was quick and easy. Using the keyboard is quite comfortable and I didn’t find myself having to press the keys very hard at all to get them to register. It was very pleasing to use and doesn’t seem to hurt my wrist like a few other keyboards I’ve used in the past.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had decent luck in the past finding a good Bluetooth keyboard that I enjoyed all around. Several had issues with how comfortable they were, while others had issues being paired or staying paired with my device via Bluetooth. The Inateck BK1001E just works all around and as stated is very comfortable with the way I use it.

Then throw in the fact that you can pick one up for only $19.99 when normal price is $32.99, then it’s a very hard deal to pass up. Add in that it’s got a MicroUSB port on it so you can easily charge it and not have to worry about changing batteries and you’ve got a solid Bluetooth keyboard that I highly recommend.

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Product: Inateck BK1001E Bluetooth Keyboard

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