Many people today have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or some electronic device in their possession. Some people have several of these devices, but many of these devices come with only a limited amount of storage space built into them with no way to expand it. This is becoming more common with the latest mobile phones as it seems we’re starting to get away from the use of SDCards a little bit.  This very problem is why it’s extremely handy to have a solution to offload your media images or media files easier, so you can free up that precious space.  Not only that, but with the increasing mobile device adoption, you’re going to want to share that content as well. This is where the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 comes into play.

Specs And Features

  • Inputs for Storage: USB and SD – reads SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC (with included adapter)
  • Supported File Systems: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT
  • General File Format Support: MP3, WAV, m4V, mp4 (H.264), JPG, TIF, PDF
  • Dimensions: 129.14mm x 79.09mm x 19.28mm
  • Weight: 171g
  • Wireless Network Interface: Wi-Fi 802.11g/n 2.4GHz with wireless security (WPA2)
  • WLAN Ethernet Port: To function as a mobile router
  • Rechargeable Battery: Up to 13 hours of continuous use; built-in Li-ion 4640 mAh 3.8v battery
  • Simultaneous Users: 8
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Model Number: MLWG2

All About The Product

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 is an updated version to last years Kingston MobileLite Wireless, which is a device that allowed you to easily share content among your devices by via SDCards and the like. This years newly updated model is the same thing, with some new features having been added to make it a much better accessory than it’s predecessor.

Last year’s model was strictly a wireless card reader with internet pass thru capability, plus a portable battery for charging your mobile gadgets. This newer model continues with those features yet expands on them quite extensively. It does this by allowing for USB flash drives, Ethernet connectivity to act as a portable router, and even 3G USB cellular cards, all of which wasn’t supported in the previous model.

Also like last year’s model, the MobileLite Wireless G2 does not include any built-in storage, so it is strictly a USB and/or SD card reader. This does mean that you essentially have an unlimited amount of storage capability, which is great if you’re a heavy media user. However, the downfall is that you have to furnish your own storage media though that’s usually not an issue for someone who is in the market for a device such as the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2. Another upgrade is this version can now handle up to eight simultaneous users instead of three, which is what the first version was limited to.

To make things easy to access and to work with, Kingston has an app available for both Android and iOS users in their respective app stores. It’s free of charge so you can easily and quickly install it and begin using it to setup and use your new Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 device. I will provide the link to that app at the bottom of this post as well for both Android and iOS users.

The Design Of The Device

Looking at the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2, it is somewhat of a plain plastic design with a matte finish all the way around. It’s actually something I really like to see in an accessory and while the previous model was nice, this one puts the old one to shame in my opinion.

One side of the device has a small version of the Kingston logo on it. Flipping over to the bottom, all you’re really going to find is the Model, MAC, S/N, and certifications on the large sticker covering majority of the back side of the device. There are little plastic feet on the bottom in the form of plastic dimples which are molded in. They aren’t non-slip or rubber or anything like that so if you’re using this on a computer desk, glass table or something similar I’d suggest you be careful as it will slide around.

The front has a series of LED indicators, a power button, reset button, MicroUSB port, and the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 logo. The LED lights are for the battery, WiFi activity, and finally internet connectivity. You can quickly check the power status of the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 by pressing the power button briefly, or you can fully power it on by holding it for about 3 seconds.

Looking at the left hand side of the device you will see the full size USB and SD slots. The G2 can read SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC card formats with a FAT, FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT file system. Also as with the previous version, when the G2 is connected directly to a PC via USB, it will just act as a card reader.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 comes with a built-in Li-ion 4640mAh 3.8v battery, which conveniently doubles as a portable battery to charge your smartphone. Kingston also says you’ll be able to get up to 13 hours of continuous use out of the device, which I can confirm is pretty accurate. I’ve managed to get right at 12 hours of continuous use out of mine on a single charge.

Take a look at the back side and this is where you will find the single Ethernet port located. As previously mentioned, this is a pretty handy feature for those who travel or those who just need to create a fairly inexpensive WiFi network(with additional features, of course.)

The Android App

As mentioned earlier, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 is compatible with both Android and iOS and you can find the MobileLite app in your respective appstore. The interface is exactly like it was a year ago, so nothing has really changed here.

You will find the instructions on how to use the G2 within the app. The basic instructions are that turn the device on and search for a WiFi network. Once you connect to it, you can hit the back button from this screen and you’re free to find files on the device itself or on the inserted SDCard, or whatever you’re using.

By default, the MobileLite Wireless G2 is set to use no WiFi security, so I would strongly urge you to enable it as soon as you possibly can. The Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 supports strictly WPA2 or no encryption and nothing else. I know this will be a bummer for those of you who like to use newer security and encryption methods.

Should you want to actually surf the internet, you’ll need either a compatible 3G dongle, hook the MobileLite Wireless G2 up to a WiFi network, or use the Ethernet port on the G2. If you choose not to do this, you’ll lose data connectivity on your cellular connected devices while on the WiFi network the G2 broadcasts. This means that if you’re wanting to use your mobile phone while using the MobileLite Wireless G2 both at the same time, then you will definitely need to connect the MobileLite Wireless G2 via one of the above mentioned options.

My Final Thoughts

I’m actually quite impressed with the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2. I think the price point of around $55 is really good. The feature set is awesome compared to last years model and the functionality of it is fantastic! The fact that you basically have unlimited storage space for any device that is limited on storage space is superb. The only downfall is having to carry around an SDCard, but let’s admit it, as small as they are, that’s no big deal really. And of course a huge thanks to Kingston for supplying me with a brand new 64GB SDCard with the review of the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2.

If this is the type of device that you’re in the market for, then I’d certainly recommend picking one of these up as soon as possible. I don’t think you’d be disappointed in any way. You get a very solidly made device with lots of features at a cheaper price by about $15 than last years model which really makes the MobileLite Wireless G2 more worth it.

Website: Kingston Technology
Product: Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2
Play Store(Android): Kingston App
App Store(iOS): Kingston App

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