The way technology is today, and because of the need to plug most everything we own into a power outlet at some point, we’re constantly looking for ways to make it look better as well as to protect it the best we can. Today I’m going to show you a nice little power center called the Powramid from Accell. However, it’s not just a power center (power strip as some of you call them) like you normally see, it’s also got another great little feature that we’ll discuss a bit later.

Specs And Features

  • Two USB charging ports (2.1A)
  • 1080 Joules of surge protection
  • Six adapter friendly outlets
  • X3 MOV Technology for maximum fire safety
  • Grounded six foot power cord
  • ELECTRICAL RATING: 125V,15 Amps, 1800 Watts
  • MAX. SPIKE RATE AVERAGE: 36,000A, Max. Spike Voltage: 6KV
  • CLAMP RATING: H-N 400V, H-G 500V, N-G 500V
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Up to 40dB from 150KHz to 100MHz
  • WARRANTY: 5-Year Connected Equipment $100,000 Limited Warranty

About The Product

You’ll notice on the top of the Accell Powramid is a little clear, plastic dome looking piece, which appears to have a light or something below/behind it. This is actually the power button and to access it, you just simply pull the little plastic piece off. It comes off fairly easily but not so easily that it randomly falls off or anything like that.

Once you press the button to turn it on, it lights up letting you know that it’s got power and that you’re now ready to plug stuff into it and give those electrical devices some juice of their own to operate.

Accell Powramid Power Center And USB Charge Station 1

The Accell Powramid may seem like a normal surge protector when you first look at it. And in a lot of ways, it is indeed that. It’s got multiple outlets, six of them to be exact, for you to plug various things into such as your mobile device charger, your computer, mouse charging cradle or numerous other things.

Let’s start off by talking about the design of the Accell Powramid. While a lot of common every day surge protectors/power outlets are long and skinny, the Powramid is in the shape of a little pyramid. I know you’re asking yourself, “Why does this even matter?” The answer is simple. With the normal long power strips, when you have these big, bulky plugs to plug into your outlets, they often cover up much of the plug next to them that you end up losing a plug or two on the strip.

The Accell Powramid alleviates this issue due to its shape. Because of the pyramid shape it has, this allows the outlets to be spaced out a bit more than usual. Thus alleviating issues of covering up enough of another outlet to prevent it from being used by something else. So in turn, you get the full use of all six outlets which is very important if you’re like me and usually need 3 or 4 outlet strips because you’ve lost so many plugs.

As mentioned above, there’s something a bit more about the Accell Powramid, something that a lot of standard power strips don’t offer, and that’s two USB(2.1A) outlets. I know you probably think these may not be important, or even beneficial, but let me tell you something, they are very beneficial, at least to me.

The USB ports allow you to plug the USB end of your microUSB cable directly into the Powramid itself and therefore not taking up an additional plug which can be used for other things as mentioned above. And since I have several Android devices, this comes in very handy for me personally. It saves me those other plugs for other things such as my Bluetooth speakers while still keeping my devices fully charged.

Accell Powramid Power Center And USB Charge Station 2

Final Thoughts

For me, the Accell Powramid has become very useful for use in my room for my computer and mobile devices. For the MSRP of $34.99, which isn’t a bad price at all for what you get, I’d say it’s really up to each individual person. But if you have those normal outlet strips and have a couple of outlets that you can’t use because of those ugly ended cords/cables, then the Powramid might just be for you.

You can pick your Powramid up from the links below. You have your choice of either black or white for the same price. Let us know what you think in the comments and if you currently have a Powramid or if you’ll be picking one up for yourself.

Website: Accell
Product: Accell Powramid Power Station

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