Welcome to this week’s TLDR Tidings, in which we give you a short list of summarized stories you may have missed last week. This cycle is: June 21-June 28.

Technology In The World Around Us

Someone From Chan Is Building An Emoji Programming Language

It’s not the first attempt, but the language, called FourMan, aims to create a programming language based on emoji. The creators have put together a token list, sample code, a lexer built in C++ and an emoji reader. The overall idea is to create a language that can be easily used on mobile.

NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software

The NSA and it’s British counterpart the GCHQ have put extensive effort into hacking popular security software products to “track users and infiltrate networks,” according to the latest round of Snowden docs unearthed by The Intercept. Cybersecurity companies, including Moscow- headquartered Kaspersky Lab, were targeted by government agencies to gain intelligence of the latest exploits.

Microsoft Stealthily Backs Away From Free Windows 10 Promise

On Friday, Microsoft described a way for anyone to get Windows 10 for free: activated, genuine and update forever. Since that day, the blog post describing changes to the Windows Insider Preview program has been silently updated. This new change won’t matter to hobbyists or other home users, but it will matter most to enterprise customers needing to spend thousands of dollars on new upgrades.

Police: Don’t Ask Siri About 9/11

If you ask Siri about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as recent posts on social media have trolled users into doing, the only thing that happens is that your phone will call 911 emergency services. The police of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada say, “we are fortunate, so far, that here haven’t been real 911 emergencies where help has been delayed. Please, choose to be a good citizen and don’t ask Siri about 9/11.

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Google’s 60Tbps Pacific Cable Welcomed With Champagne In Japan

With bottles of bubbly and a purification ceremony a Google-backed undersea cable was given a warm welcome on a beach in Japan last week. The 9,000-kilometer FASTER cable will have a peak capacity of 60 terabytes per second when it enters operation next year, joining Japan with Oregon on the West Coast of the U.S.

Netflix Is About To Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, And Fox

Analysts predict that if Netflix were measured as a 24-hour station by Nielsen, it would have more viewers than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox within the year. The prediction comes from analysis by Wall Street research firm FBR Capital Markets and depend on Nielsen’s highly specific form of ratings.

Apple Yanks Games With Confederate Flags From App Store

Following recent controversy regarding the Confederate flag, Apple decided to start yanking games that use the flag in any way. Apple is notoriously skittish when it comes to the App Store, often censoring and banning games that show naked people or use gun imagery in their marketing materials.

Apple Launches New LGBT Pride Section In iTunes Store

Every June, in honor of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, Apple honors gay pride by gathering a selection of movies, music, TV shows, apps, and more – all reflecting the broad and diverse spectrum of LGBT pride.

Technology In The World Within Us

Microsoft Announces Backwards Compatibility For Xbox One

This year at E3, Microsoft said that gamers will be able to play games made for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One, although this will only apply to a limited number of games. The list of games will be added to over time, but there’s no guarantee that any particular game will make the list.

TaiG Releases 2.0 Jailbreak Tool For iOS 8.1.3 Up To iOS 8.3

The released jailbreak has been nothing but confusion. From the onset it seems that Taig released the jailbreak without letting Saurik, the man behind Cydia know, which has led to most tweaks useless due to the Substrate not being updated yet.

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