If you have been paying any attention to the latest mobile news, you probably know about the heavy hardware upgrades that Sony put into the latest iteration of their flagship device. After much anticipation, Christmas arrived early and it’s time to unwrap our presents courtesy of ewisetech. You may also notice that there are dual sim slots, suggesting that ewisetech took apart the dual sim model.

Xperia Z3 Internals

You may notice that the design of the Xperia Z3 looks overall similar to it’s younger brother, the Xperia Z2. However Sony has made a much nicer design change by rounding out the sides instead of holding their traditional octagonal pattern. This provides for a more comfortable and natural feeling grip. Since the back cover is non removable, Sony has glued it to the rest of the device to prevent tampering with the back cover. After removing the back cover, you will instantly notice the large 3100 mAh battery that Sony claims will last for two days of use. You will also notice the rubber stripping around the back plate. This is the insulating material that gives the Xperia Z3 it’s waterproof and dust proofing score of IP65/68 rating.

Z3 Motherboard

Just above the battery you will notice the motherboard held in by a small set of screws which, once removed, will allow you to lift off the motherboard. Here you will notice on of the Xperia Z3’s new features,there is an integrated heat pipe connected to the SoC to dissipate heat away from the processor and towards the edge of the casing to provide better cooling and heat distribution. Smartphones being small devices in comparison to computers, it would be nice to see this feature implemented on more devices. As the processors grow more powerful, these devices need improved cooling methods. There is another set of screws that make the headphone jack, antenna, and camera modules easy to remove and replace.

Flipping the motherboard over you will notice that Samsung makes both the RAM chips and the flash storage.The Qualcomm PM8941 provides the handset with Qualcomm’s quick-charge feature for faster mains charging. Qualcomm also provides the LTE modem (WTR1625L) and audio codec (WCD9320) for the Xperia Z3, whilst there’s a NXP class D amplifier that powers the Z3’s speakers.

Xperia Motherboard 2

Other than these changes, the Xperia Z3’s hardware is identical to it’s older brother, the Xperia Z2. This is due to the incremental 6 month release schedule that Sony has for the Xperia line of devices. The internal hardware seems to only undergo a full overhaul every other release (annually) instead of with every release. However, this makes the internals of the Z3 very well optimized and thought out. Considering that Sony supports they’re old Xperia devices and continues with software updates for quite a long period of time even after they are a few years old, allows them to optimize Android for their hardware and they’re hardware for Android to a far greater extent than any other OEM. The kind of support that the Xperia devices receive is something that every OEM should be pursuing as it will make Android devices better as a whole.

Source: Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown by ewisetech

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