Yesterday Samsung announced that they’ll finally be releasing the Blue Topaz and Emerald Green colors of their flagship smartphones. The colors, which debuted alongside the White Pearl, Gold Platinum, and Black Sapphire at a launch event earlier this year but have yet to be available for purchase. The new colors will be available soon for customers but Samsung is clear to point out that launch dates will vary by region and carriers.

The two new colors will be model specific with the Blue Topaz being offered on the Galaxy S6 and the Emerald Green being offered only on the Galaxy S6 Edge. A bit disappointing to those looking forward to picking up an Emerald Green Galaxy S6.

Blue Topaz S6 Emerlad Green S6 Edge

“The Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 represents the perfect fashion accessory for style-conscious consumers looking for a vibrant, expressive and distinctive color, and the Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge provides a simply stunning color choice that meets the needs of those who want a sophisticated, yet unique looking mobile device,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics. “We aim to bring a truly one-of-a-kind smartphone to consumers and provide them with a seamless combination of dynamic beauty and meaningful purpose, complementing every part of their mobile lives.”

Some have expressed frustration at the decision to launch 40% of the color options for late. Many would have rather picked up a Blue Topaz or Emerald Green version of their selected S6 variant but were shut out due to lack of availability. “I love how the Emerald Green one looks but I wish these extra variants would launch when the phone launched. I get impatient waiting for them and generally just go buy one of the launch colors” Reddit user Endda wrote while user Greg_PC went on to say “Love the emerald. Sophisticated.”

No word yet on whether these colors will show up and if they do, when that will actually be. No carriers have announced that they’ll be carrying them but we expect to hear something soon. What color are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments which you think is more appealing.

Source: Samsung Launches Blue Topaz and Green Emerald Color Options

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